Glenn Bishop: My Blog Magic Routines V1
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines - Volume One
©2005 Glenn Bishop
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Glenn Bishop: My Blog Magic Routines 1
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Contents (from book):

3 That Was Just Luck: Spelling trick ends with production of a royal flush. (Vernon Strip Out Addition)
5 Another Look At That Was Just Luck: another approach
6 I Wouldn't Play Cards With Him: Poker deal (bottom deal, Jimmy Cards Molinari stack)
9 Two Selection Ace Sandwich Transportation: [note: text in PDF cuts off]
10 Glenn Bishop's Three Card Monte Ending: the "lady" card vanishes
11 Challenge Cutting the Aces: variation of Scarne's Aces
12 Do It Yourself Poker: Spectator deals out the poker hands
13 Poker Stack and the Bottom Deal: Bottom deal provides a 2nd poker hand