Glenn Bishop: My Blog Magic Routines V2
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines Volume Two
©2005 Glenn Bishop
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Glenn Bishop: My Blog Magic Routines 2
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Comments: Card Effects and Other Magic Ideas

Contents (from book):

2 Dealing Prediction: selection found after dealing
4 Double Dealing Prediction: another version
7 The Chain of Chance: Ideas for presentation (throw not taught, not a routine)
8 Side Steal Sandwich: using the side steal for a sandwich routine
9 A Short Card Thumb Count Pseudo Stack: short card used for a 4 Ace poker hand
10 A Few More Ideas for the Pseudo Stack: more ideas
11 Sandwich Transport: (side steal, Kosky Switch)
14 Getting to the Bottom of Things!: Counting the cards masks the bottom deal, and a resulting poker deal
16 The Face Up, Basement Deal, Stack, Surprise: one handed bottom deal used as a card shark demo of a poker stack