Glenn Bishop: My Block Magic Routines Volume 3
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines Volume Three
©2005 Glenn Bishop
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Glenn Bishop: My Blog Magic Routines 3
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Contents (from book):

3 Another Look At - The Face Up, Basement Deal, Stack, Surprise: another poker stack demo
4 Airborne Aces: Aces fly from the deck (LePaul Shooting Second Deal)
6 The Face Up, Basement Deal, Stack, Surprise: again
7 Another Look at Marlo's Miracle Aces! cut to the Aces, rough outline
9 The Even Card Spade Block: selected card production
10 A Different and Unexpected Cutting the Aces: inspired by Dai Vernon
12 Card Shark Routine Idea: suggestion for a sequence
13 The Biddle Trick / Marlo's Devilish Miracle: selection appears in card box
15 Flash Cut the Aces: from Bishop's DVD-1
16 The River Poker Deal: poker run for Texas Holdem
17 The River Poker Deal Again: another set up