Glenn Bishop: My Block Magic Routines V4
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines 4
©2005 Glenn Bishop
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Glenn Bishop: My Blog Magic Routines 4
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3 Okito Coin Box Copper Silver: 3 halves placed in Okito box, spectator holds the Copper coin. Silver and Copper exchange places! With two more climaxes as well
5 Copper Silver Interlude: to be inserted into a copper silver routine
6 The GEM Pseudo Stack Poker Deal: Spectators get three of a kind, magician gets 4 Aces
8 The Triumph Stack: Triumph Shuffle to improve the riffle shuffle stack
9 The GEM Triumph Poker Deal: use of above
10 I Wouldn't Play Cards With You: poker deal
12 The Marlo-Malini Card Stab: a blindfolded card stab
13 A Quick Bridge Deal: requires a perfect out faro
14 Chop Cup Glass Vanish (c)1990: Idea for an "impromptu" looking Chop Cup routine and presentation ideas
14 Texas Holdem Deal: poker deal
15 The UNrising Card: Deck drops into card box, leaving selection sticking out