Bishop, Ron: Laughter All the Way
©1968 GoodLiffe Pub., London, U.K.
Hardcover, w/dj, 130 pages
Ron Bishop: Laughter All the Way
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Contents (from book ToC):

I Author's Comment
1 The Elusive Formula
4 General Observations on the Business of Entertaining Children

9 Chapter 2 Routines for the Children's Entertainer
9 Up the Town: A magical football routine
17 Give Him a Big Clap: Simplicity production of silks, designed for laughter
22 Medals: for services rendered
25 Schooldays: Art and lots of business
31 The Shaving Brush Affair: a seaside plot
35 The Wish: Magic with a necklace

43 Chapter 3 Road Safety Magic
43 Safety First: Torn & restored
46 The Sad Tale of Beatrice Bright: Do YOU know your ROAD drill?
51 For Ever Abner: A problem with lights

59 Chapter 4 Glove Puppets
59 Panda The Puppet: Always on HAND for the laughs
64 Robby Rab: The Mental Marvel!
70 Instant Puppet: Five minutes with a handkerchief
75 Chapter 5 Routines With Toys
75 Magic with Mechanicals
77 The Royal Prince: A Potted Pantomime
88 Top of the Pops: Music for Moderns!

99 Chapter 6 Novelty Equipment
99 The Double Top Trolley Table
101 Instant Puppet Theatre

107 Chapter 7 Ventrioquial Novelties
107 Ventiloquism IS magic
108 The Talking Newspaper: Original adult theme
113 Oscar Orange: Mini-Vent, novelty act

125 Chapter 8 Tips on Making Props
125 A Few Observations on Ways and Means