Bishop, Washington Irving: Second Sight Explained
©1880 John Menzies & Co., Glasgow
Hardcover, 78 pages
Second Sight
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Washington Irving Bishop: Second Sight Explained

Comments: "A complete exposition of Clairvoyance or Second Sight, as exhibited by the late Robert Houdin and Robert Heller, showing how the supposed phenomena may be produced." Some attribute the authorship of this book to Frederick Wicks


7 Chapter I Introductory

11 Chapter II Preparing the Way
15 Chapter III Preliminary Experiments
16 - Clairvoyant Reading
17 - Sympathetic Blood-Writing
20 - Sealed Letter Reading
23 - A Clairvoyant Card Trick
24 Chapter IV A Code for Figures
36 Chapter V Examples in Denoting Figures
43 Chapter VI A Code for Words
47 Chapter VII General Principle of Coding
52 Chapter VIII A Specimen Code for Classification
56 Chapter IX A Code for Cards
58 Chapter X A Code for Coins
63 Chapter XI A Code for Money
69 Chapter XII Other Special Codes
77 Chapter XIII Conclusion