Bixby, Bill: 50 Magic Tricks
1974 TV Magic Ltd
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 23 pages
Bixby 50 Magic
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Comments: This booklet was part of the 1974 Bill Bixby The Magician Magic Set produced by TV Magic Ltd. Bill Bixby starred in television's "The Magician", in which Bill played a magic detective. The set came with two booklets, this one, and the other "Secret Instructions", which provided instructions for the props in the kit. I suspect this 50 Magic Tricks text was authored by Marshal Brodien, although Bill does provide an introductory letter. As is all too common in many children's magic sets, the descriptions of these effects are painfully brief, making magic seem like just a bunch of tricks strung together rather than presentation.


2 Contents
3 How to Be a Magician: by Bill Bixby
5 A Hot One: Magician selects coin from a hat that was touched
5 Be a Mind Reader: with an accomplice
5 How to Have Eleven Fingers: gag
6 The Six Coin Caper: coin puzzle
6 The Two Red Cards Trick: A red and black card inserted in middle of the deck instantly move to top and bottom
7 The Toothpick Trick: broken in a handkerchief, yet restored
7 The Blowaway: spectator can't blow away only two pieces of paper (gag)
7 Your Magic Initial: appears on back of hand when ashes are rubbed
8 Runaway Ace: Ace of diamonds vanishes from the deck
8 Balance a Ball: ping pong ball balancing
9 Party Fun: center tear
9 The Magic Page Finder: a card is pushed into a book at a divined location
9 The Floating Pin: as it says!
9 Color Changing Marble: matchbox changes marbles
9 The Vanishing Coin: in a handkerchief
10 The Magical Sevens: Spectator will pick the sevens
10 Crushing the Glass: through the table top
11 A Sharp Dollar: breaks a pencil
11 More Money Magic: dollars from the empty hands
11 How You Can Always Win: Is the money odd or even?
12 Upside Down Downside Up: Puzzle with glasses that spectator can't duplicate
12 An Optical Illusion: a triangle puzzle
13 Make It Jump!: jumping rubber band
13 Fooling By Sound: coin deceit
13 Teacup Magic: Magician determines coin under teacup, with help
14 Sugar Spectacular: burning a sugar cube (who sees those anymore?)
14 Making Easy Money: multiplying money tray
14 Picnic Fun: egg spinning
14 Suspending a Knife: from the palm
14 The Buffalo Cry: a crying nickle (need to find a Buffalo nickle!)
15 Tell the Color: of a crayon behind the back
15 Numbers are Funny: a counting puzzle
16 How to Vanish a Coin: rubbed into the sleeve
16 Knot In a Handkerchief: gag
16 The Cigarette That Rises: from the pack
16 The Obedient Match Box: lands one side up all the time
16 Eating China: gag
17 Handkerchief Control: seems to move on its own
17 It's a Corker: stunt to drop standing upright
18 To Find a Card in a Borrowed Deck: with a key card
18 Invisible Writing: lemon juice
18 Fireproof Objects: lit objects don't burn (hmmm, kid's experimenting with flames and alcohol!)
18 The Magic Pendulum: boy or girl stunt
18 Finding Money in a Bread Roll: coin found in roll
18 The Vanishing Rabbit: good gag!
19 Read Their Minds: one of many slips of paper chosen and magician knows which one was picked
19 Your Own Trick Deck: quickly find a selection
20 Guess the Card: Three cards shown and one mentally selected and all placed in pocket. Two are removed and remaining card is the selection
20 Mysterious Vanish: object vanishes from under handkerchief (accomplice)
21 Find the Card: Magician knows how many cards were counted
21 Coin Thru the Hat: Coin penetrates a hat and falls into a glass
22 How to Perform the Cut and Restored Rope (The Professional Method):  a nice, simple effect
22 The Vanishing Pencil: from under a handkerchief

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