Blackstone, Harry, Sr, Walter Gibson (editor): Blackstone's Annual of Magic 1929
©1929 Harry Blackstone
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 46 pages
Annual of Magic
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Harry Blackstone Sr.: Blackstone's Annual of Magic 1929

Comments: "Harry Blackstone Presents the Best In Magic; A Compendium of Up-to-Date Conjuring."


3 Foreword (Harry Blackstone)
4 The Editor’s Report
5 Divination Magic
8 Some Possible Impossibilities (Harry Blackstone)
9 Diversified Magic (William T Schwarz)
11 Practical Card Tricks (Walter B Gibson)
16 The Miracle Card Mystery
19 Chemical Magic With Apparatus (Dr William Endlich)
20 Magical Inventions (Ted O'Loughlin)
21 Master Methods of Magic
29 The Ghost Pack (O. H. Jenson)
30 The Squeeze-Away Block (Edward M Massey)
32 Curing Mr. Wisenheimer
32 Magical Inventions (Ted O'Loughlin)
33 The Magical Miscellany (Many Magicians)
36 The Man of Mysteries (Walter B Gibson)
38 Blackstone Poker Deal
39 It’s a Fact!
40 Brain Waves
41 Among the Magic Dealers
42 The Miracle of the Talking Statue
43 Magical Inventions (Ted O'Loughlin)
45 Arthur Lloyd—The Humorous Card Index