Blackstone, Harry, Sr.: Blackstone's Magic A Book of Mystery
©1930 Shade Publishing
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 64 pages
Harry Blackstone: Blackstone's Magic
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Harry Blackstone: Blackstone's Magic A Book of Mystery


Contents (Chapters, from book ToC, updated Apr 2021):

2 To The Reader
3 Blackstone: the greatest magician the world has ever known
6 Blackstone's Tricks For Everyone: dozens of clever mysteries for you to do
19 Magic of The East: Blackstone discloses methods of wonder workers
29 Tricks of Hypnotism: Baffling stunts made easy by Blackstone
37 Card Tricks for Everyone: Blackstone's magic with a pack of cards
47 Fake Mediums and Their Methods: Fraudulent phenomena revealed by Blackstone
53 Mental Mysteries: How to perform mind reading tricks