Blackstone, Harry, Sr.: Blackstone's Magic A Book of Mystery
©1930 Shade Publishing
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 64 pages
Harry Blackstone: Blackstone's Magic
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Harry Blackstone: Blackstone's Magic A Book of Mystery


Contents (from book, updated Nov 2022, missing contents of 2 pages):

2 To The Reader (Harry Blackstone)

3 Blackstone The Greatest Magician the World Has Ever Known: biographical sketch

6 Blackstone's Tricks For Everyone: dozens of clever mysteries for you to do
6 Strong Paper: balancing a glass on a paper between two other glasses"
6 Lighting a Match: with the unlit end
7 The Magnetic Rolling Ball: a ball seems to follow the finger
7 On Again Off Again: string and fingers trick
8 The Magic Balloon: instant color change
8 With a Paper Napkin: a test of strength
9 The New Monte Game: comedy trick with candy under hats
9 Tie It Up!: Coin appears in center of handkerchief
10 Coin and Handkerchief: coin vanish
10 Contrary Smoke: smoke falls instead of rises
11 Pick Up the Coins: challenge
11 The Turnover Cigarette: dexterity move for cigarettes
12 The Turnover Glasses: puzzle
12 The Mysterious Label: putting the label inside a bottle
13 The Magic Mark: an x appears on the palm
13 The Rising Fountain Pen: in the fist
14 The Mysterious Ring: a finger ring passes through a knot between two loops of string
15 A Mysterious Balance: matchbook balances on edge
15 Magnetic Coin: coin sticks to forehead
16 The Mystic Mark: mark on sugar cube transfers to hand
16 Appearing Matches: Empty matchbook becomes full
16 Magnetic Cigarette Box: clings to a wall
17 Balanced Match: on thumb
17 The Milk Trick: layering cream on coffee
18 Watch Out!: watch stolen from a handkerchief
18 Pouring Smoke: from cup to cup

19 Magic of The East: Blackstone discloses methods of wonder workers
19 Mysterious Gold Fish: goldfish are seen swimming in boiling water
20 Indian Sword Basket: swords pass through wicker basket without harming assistant
21 The Oriental Rice Bowl: a bowl of rice can be picked up by thrusting a knife in the rice
22 The Fakir's Tree: a fast growing plant
23 Diving Ducks: wooden ducks swim about as if alive
23 The Famous Fire-Walkers: walking on coals
24 The Hindu Stone Lifting: lifting a stone with the eyelids
24 The Man of Iron: breaking a stone on a man's stomach while on a bed of spikes
25 The Japanese Sword Trick: a stick is cut with a sword leaving two paper loops unharmed
26 The Enchanted Rod: a stick turns into a snake
26 Buried Alive!: magician survives

29 Tricks of Hypnotism: physical stunts made easy by Blackstone
29 The Strength Test: spectator can't pull your hands apart
29 Controlled Eyelids
30 - missing page
31 - missing page
32 Magnetized Hand: spectator's hand floats up
32 Fingertip Control: prevent spectator from rising
32 A Mesmerized Wrist: spectator can't make a fist
33 Hypnotized Arms: arms rise by suggestions
34 Cold Air: spectator feels a cold sensation
34 Hand on Head: strength stunt
35 Hands Together: another strength stunt
35 Lost Strength: spectator can't lift the magician
36 Stopping the Pulse: magician controls his pulse

37 Card Tricks for Everyone: Blackstone's magic with a pack of cards
37 A Magic Discovery: magician selects a card that reveals the number of cards moved
38 Twenty Cards: magician determines which pairs of cards chosen
38 Three Card Monte: using a gaff
39 Find the Card: using a special key card
40 The Mystic Row of Cards: magician knows how many cards moved
41 The Magic Card: card discovery from six heaps
41 Change The Number: first selection appears at number named by second spectator
42 Here's Your Card: card discovery though magician's back is turned
42 The Sharper's Trick: sucker way to reveal a card
43 Kings, Queens, Jacks: the cards separate by suit
44 Mysterious Totals: magician determines total of three cards chosen
44 Whiskaway: card change in a glass
45 Mysterious Kings: Ace brings the three Kings together
46 The Card Circle: magician discovers three cards chosen

47 Fake Mediums and Their Methods: Fraudulent phenomena revealed by Blackstone
48 - missing page
49 - missing page
50 Sealed Message Reading: various methods
50 Hold Your Own Message: methods to read messages held by the spectator
51 Spirit Slate Writing: writing appears on a sealed slate
52 Materializations: strange things happen while the performer is bound

53 Mental Mysteries: How to perform mind reading tricks
53 Amazing Figures: multiplication prediction
54 Tell The Time: performer tells time set, with aid of a confederate
54 The Book Mystery: a book test
55 The Color Test: performer determines which color yarn behind his back
55 Which Pencil?: determine which pencil was chosen with aid of confederate
56 The Cigarette Test: magician determines one brand from another blindfolded
56 Marked Cigarette Paper: magician finds the initialed paper behind his back
56 The Chosen Name: a center tear effect
57 Mental Card Detection: with aid of confederate, magician names selected card

58 Advertisements: five pages of Shade Publishing ads