George Blake: Commercial Card Magic
Blake, George: Commercial Card Magic
©1969 George Blake
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 47 pages

©1972 2nd Edition
Published by Micky Hades Enterprises, Calgary
George Blake: Commercial Card Magic
Image from Rune Steiro's Conjuring-Center
Blake: Commercial Card Magic
2nd Edition
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Comments: Illustrated with line drawings. "Nine exclusive routines for stage or platform, four close-up card mysteries, Rusduck's problem solved and simplified in two further methods."


2 Introduction
3 Four Ace Finale
4 Cagl1ostrols Spectacles
9 Super Spell
12 The Dancers
15 Confetti
21 Imaginary Card
23 Dialled Decisions
26 Houletrick
31 "R & B' Problem Method 2
35 "R & B' Problem Method 3
38 Close-up Card Magic
38 Zodiac Cards
40 Mystic Seven
43 No Clue
45 Wishing Well