Blake, George: Loopy Loop, A Treatise on the Endless Chain
1949 George Blake
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 23 pages

1972 Micky Hades Enterprises
George Blake: Loopy Loop
Early folded manuscript edition
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George Blake: Loopy Loop
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George Blake:
              Loopy Loop
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Comment: Well written treatise, includes some ring on/off chain moves to add to your routine. Simple but adequate line drawings. Overall, the Whit Haydn, Chef Anton manuscript is better, but Blake's Loopy Loop is worthy of study as well. Recommended.

Contents: (from book):

2 Introduction: History and how the ball & socket chain improved matters
3 Magical Production of the Chain: uses a handkerchief
5 The Figure Eight: How to form the basic figure
7 Which Chain is Pulled? How to present the challenge
8 Easy Figure Eight: Forming the eight from a circle of chain
9 Ring off Chain interlude
10 Pseudo explanation using a larger, 2 inch ring
11 Ring off Chain again
12 Chain of Life: Routine about priests in Tibet using the chain for a Grandma's Necklace type effect
14 One Finger Only: Back to the Figure Eight, formed with only one finger
15 Double Figure Eight: for two spectators at once
16 Ring Off! Another ring off chain interlude
17 The Flower: A more complex figure
18 Extra Choice: Allows the spectator the choice of two loops
19 The Pouring Chain: How the chain can "pour itself" out of a cup (no threads)
20 The Creeping Chain: As above, but off the table edge instead of from cup
20 The Falling Knot: The sliding and vanishing knot
21 Pricking the Garter: Uses a long belt with two ends (not an endless loop)