George Blake: Master Magic
Blake, George: Master Magic
©1961 George Blake
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 42 pages
George Blake: Master Magic
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George Blake: Master Magic
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Comments: It appears the second edition of this book (pictured on right) has additional content. First edition stops at "27 Bingo" from what I could gather.

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Prelude to "Master Magic"
4 Swap Over: an easy card effect
5 Double-Divino
7 Ring Off
9 Clorf Ears
10 Loop O' String
11 My Favorite Torn A Restored Cigarette Paper
15 Hanky Doodling: In other words, Fiddling with Silks
17 Simplicity Seven Keys
20 Triple Tear
20 Provan: a Proven Utility Prop
24 The 19th Hole: a force
25 My Monkey Bar
27 Bingo!
---Added material to later edition---
27 That Long Card
29 It's Sam's Grandad
31 Spongy Story
33 Pulling It Off
35 Kolar’s Straw A String Addition
36 Super-Oracle
40 Some Snappy Snips