Blake, George: Take a Note
©1966 George Blake
Softcover, stapled-taped, 8.5x11", 53 pages
              a Note
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              a Note
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George Blake: Take a Note!

Comments: From the introduction, "Much of the material appearing within these pages was published way back in 1955 (ten years ago) in the then popular "Magic Magazine" issued by Max Andrews...I have been assured by those who have been able to read the series that 'here is everything one might possibly need for the ever popular Burnt & Restored Treasury Note'. I wouldn't dare to go as far as that, for there is a feast of Paper Money Effects in books and magazines published over sever would be well advised to select one or two only, to suit your style, stick to them, perfect the presentation, and finally end up with an unquestionable masterpiece."

Contents (from Book, updated Sep 2017):

2 Preface
3 Take A Note

3 Take a Note
3 The Burning Question: thoughts on publicity and the psychology of the burnt bill
5 - Postscript: a caution
6 Number Recorded: some thoughts
6 The Treasurer: method for assuring the serial number matches

8 Envelope Eternal: methods of disposal of bill in envelope
8 First, Note Controlled
9 Second, Through the Back Door
9 Third, In and Out: using a TT
10 Fourth, Flapless: using a stack of envelopes
10 - Addition and Improvement
10 Fifth, Matchbox Steal
11 Sixth, Clip Protection
12 Seventh, Faked Clip

13 Switching: genuine bill for fake
13 Making the Dummy: before the days of color printers...
14 Stage Money: comment
14 One, In Creases: adding a gag
15 Two, Mental Switches: borrowing from billet switch ideas
15 Three, Pocket Switch
16 Four, The Tweezer Switch: with a clever gimmick
16 - A Reader's Reaction: a suggested modification of the gimmick
17 Five, The Card Box
18 Six, Switch Vanish: a handkerchief switch

18 Destruction or Vanish
19 Glass Phial: vanish from a glass tube under a handkerchief
20 Blowpipe: borrowed bill blown into an envelope held by the spectator
22 Additional Blowpipe Routine: with more dressing

24 Recovery: of the lost bill
24 Borrowed Cigarette
25 Brass Plates: bill found between two plates sealed with rubber bands
25 Nest of Boxes
26 "Brema Tube"
26 Planted Notes: further ideas
26 Candle Power: bill found in a candle or electric bulb

27 A Problem: an out for a dirty bill
28 Quite the Reverse: a presentation for a bill puzzle, with variations

32 The Undying Flame: accidentally burning the note

37 Have a Banana: bill is accidentally burned and found in a banana

43 More Than Hard Lines: Magician gets the envelope with the bill in it

47 The Dual Note Mystery: spectators' bills are torn in half, one half of each burnt and restored, and the bills restored as well

50 Thanks to Al Baker: magician determines the serial numbers of three borrowed bills