Bloom, Gaetan: Gaetan Bloom 86
©1986 Gaeten Bloom, Jeff Busby, CA
©1982 Potty Pumps by Ace Place Productions, Ltd.
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 37 pages
Gaetan Bloom 86
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Comments: Written by Gaetan Bloom, Super Fafa, Paul Stone. Illustrated by James Hodges, Edited by Jeff Busby. Potty Bicycle Pumps was also sold as a stand alone manuscript.


1 Introduction (Geatan Bloom)
2 Padlock Connection: padlock thrown over shoulder and is instantly attached to a rope
4 The Watch Trick: stunt to give the time at any time, without wearing one
6 The Card on the Human Wall: the spectator becomes the wall!
8 Impossible Is Not French: card is balanced on edge on the table
11 Prestidigitational Prediction: a book test and card prediction
14 The King of YoYos: a fake yoyo stunt
16 Bloomentalism: spectator places objects in right and left pockets, and magician predicts correctly
18 S.T.O.W.R.C.T.: The Signed, Torn, Oil, Water, Restored Card Trick
26 Potty Bicycle Pumps: a sort of Chinese Sticks variation
37 Advertisement: Gaetan Bloom's Visible Monte