Blythe, Will: Money Magic
©1926 C. Arthur Pearson Ltd. London
Softcover, saddle-stitched,121 pages

Money Magic
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Will Blyth: Money Magic
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Will Blythe: Money Magic

Comments: "Being a Collection of Entertaining Tricks and Amusements with Coins". Available as an e-Book from Conjuring Arts


9 Foreword (Percy Naldrett)
13 Introduction

17 Part I Money Tricks With Apparatus Or Special Coins
17 The Halfpenny Harrier
21 The Mysterious Flight of Coins
26 The Floating Florin
30 The Penny and the Potato
37 Matter through Matter
42 The Gimlet
46 Matchbox and Pence Trick

53 Part II Money Tricks Without Apparatus Or Special Coins
53 Squeezing Through
57 The Spritely Sixpence
61 Alternate Heads
63 Invisible Flight
66 Turning the Tails
69 Odd or Even
72 The Elusive Sixpence
75 Rapid Revolution
78 Steady Evolution
79 Solid through Solid
83 Blindpold Detection
86 Coin Cricket
88 The Reversing Head
91 The Stolen Tarts

97 Part III. Simple Impromptu Money Tricks And Amusements
97 Catch as Catch Can
98 Five in Contact
101 Single Eye Judgment
103 Straight Parting
105 Square and Cross
107 Form Fours
111 The Camel and the Needle
113 Marrying the Coins
115 The Travelling Sixpence
117 The Travelling Half-crown
120 Confusion Confounded