Blythe, Will: Paper Magic
©1920 C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd.
Hardcover, 99 pages
html edition ©2000 José Antonio González
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Paper Magic
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Comments: "Being a Collection of Entertaining and Amusing Models, Toys, Puzzles, Conjuring Tricks, etc., in which Paper is the only or principal material required."
You need this book if you have kids - the paper folds in the first half are not magic, but are essential "parental" knowledge for a rainy day. The 2nd half set of tricks are decent as well!

Contents: (numbers are from HTML version, not the book)

3 Introductory Note: by Nevil Maskelyne
4 Foreword: Will Blyth

5 PART I: Paper Folding

5 Soldier's Hat: folding a cap
6 Drill Sword: making a quick paper sword
7 Sailing Boat: folding a sailing ship
8 Army Forage Cap: paper folding hat
9 Mechanical Conjuring Trick: clever paper fold, white center turns to black
10 Breakfast Cruet: turn the above fold upside down
11 Twin Rowing Boat: another boat
12 Pin Tray: a paper box useful for holding small objects
13 Ash Tray: more simple paper box
14 Saucepan: boiling water in a paper saucepan!
15 Kettle: another water boiling experiment.
16 Working Bellows: actually blows air
17 Lifeboat: another boat
18 Chinese Junk: variation on the above
19 The Flying Aeroplane: clever paper airplane
20 Christmas Star: decorative paper fold
21 Easter Cross: more intricate design
22 Dart: fast paper airplane
23 Parachute: a fun parachute toy
24 Flap Purse: carry your money in this clever purse
25 Puff Ball: paper ball game/puzzle
26 Windmill: pinwheel fold
27 Puzzle Box: open the box without tearing the paper
28 Flapper: a paper 'bird' with flapping wings
29 Smoke Ring Box: smoke rings emerge from paper box

30 PART II: Paper Conjuring

30 Introduction by Will Blyth
31 Two Blacksmiths: red paper ball transposes with blue paper ball, 3 methods
32 Two Little Dicky Birds: simple finger trick
33 Four Boy Scouts: paddle trick with dinner knife
34 Paper Bag Cookery: colored paper in a newspaper cone becomes candy
35 Ribbons of India: four different colored ribbons on saucers are dumped into a box. The sausers are dipped into the box, and come out with the appropriate color on each
36 Magic Purse: coin in paper fold vanishes then appears again
37 Ball of Mahomet: levitating ball of paper
38 Separating the Services: approach to the center tear
39 An Episode of Mere Man: approach to Afghan bands effect
40 Moths of Japan: Paper moths fly around the performer when fanned with a fan
41 An Orchard Story: Multiple paper folds from single newspaper crafted into a clever story
42 Bewildering Tissues: burnt and restored paper with clever twist
43 Paper Tearing Act: a variety of paper tears are presented
44 Spirit Calculator: mentalism adding
45 Thought Reading: more mentalism
46 Mind Divination: performer matches writing of spectator
47 Gains of the Great War: paper folding of German Iron Cross; the Allies' Star of Victory; and Altar of Supreme Sacrifice.

48 L'envoi: farewell comments