H. Boaz: The Juggler's Oracle
Boaz, Herman: The Juggler's Oracle
©1820 H Boaz, Printed for William Cole, London
Hardcover, 84 pages
Boaz: The Juggler's Oracle
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Comments: "or the Whole Art of Legerdemain Laid Open". Caution - many of the tricks in this book work with dangerous chemicals and include some risky feats.

Contents (from book):

1 Legerdemain, or Sleight of Hand
1 The Operator: Description Of The Conjurer

2 Tricks With Cards
2 To Deliver Four Aces And To Convert Them Into Knaves
3 Method Of Making The Pass 1
4 The Card Of Divination
5 Another Way
5 The Poor Confederate Cards
5 3 The Fifteen Thousand Livres
7 The Magic Ring
8 The Card In The Mirror
9 The Marvellous Vase
10 The Nerve Trick
11 To Make The Constable Catch The Knave
11 To Change A Card Into A King Or Queen
12 To Tell A Person What Card He Took Notice Of
12 To Tell What Card Is At The Bottom, When The Pack Shuffled
12 Another Way, Not Having Seen The Cards
13 To Tell, Without Confederacy, What Card One Thinks Of
13 To Make A Card Jump Out Of The Pack, And Run On The Table
13 To Tell A Card, And To Convey The Same Into A Nut Or Cherry-Stone
13 To Let Twenty Gentlemen Draw Twenty Cards, And To Make One Card Every Man's Card
13 To Transform The Four Kings Into Aces, And Afterwards To Render Them All Blank Cards
15 To Name All The Cards In The Pack, And Yet Never See Them
15 To Show Any One What Card He Takes Notice Of
15 To Tell The Number Of spots On The Bottom Cards, Laid Down In Several Heaps
17 To Make Any Two Cards Come Together Which May Be Named
17 Card Nailed To The Wall By A Pistol-Shot
19 To Tell What Card One Thinks Of
19 Another Way
20 To Make A Card Jump Out Of An Egg
20 The Little Sportsman

22 Cups And Balls
22 To Pass The Balls Through The Cups
26 A Still More Extraordinary Mode Of Playing At Cups And Balls

28 Conveyance Of Money, &c.
28 To Convey Money From One Hand To The Other
28 To Convert Money Into Counters, And The Reverse
29 To Put A Sixpence Into Each Hand, And, With Words, Bring Them Together
29 To Put A Sixpence Into A Stranger's Hand, And Another Into Your Own, And To Convey Both Into The Stranger's Hand With Words
29 To Show The Same Feat Otherwise
30 To Throw A Piece Of Money Away, And Find It Again
30 To Make A Sixpence Leap Out Of A Pot Or To Run Along A Table
30 To Make A Sixpence Sink Through A Table, And To Vanish Out Of A Handkerchief
31 To Know If A Coin Be A Head Or Woman, And The Party To Stand In Another Room
31 To Command Seven Halfpence Through The Table
31 To Command A Sixpence Out Of A Box
32 To Blow A Sixpence Out Of Another Man's Hand
32 To Make A Ring Shift From One Hand To Another, And To Make
It Go On Whatever Finger Is Required, While Somebody Hold» Both Arms
34 To Transfer A Counter Into A Silver Groat
35 To Make A Silver Twopence Be Plain In The Palm Of Your Hand, And Be Passed From Thence Wherever You Like
35 To Convey A Sixpence Out Of The Hand Of One That Holds It
36 To Convey A Shilling From One Hand Into Another, Holding Your Hands Apart
36 To Transform Any Small Thing Into Any Other Form, By Folding Of Paper
36 Another Trick Of The Same Nature
37 A Watch Recovered After Being Beaten To Pieces In A Mortar

38 Tricks With Boxes &c.
38 The Egg-Box
39 The Penetrative Guinea
40 The Chest Which Opens At Command
41 The Melting-Box
42 Trick Upon The Globe-Box
44 Trick With The Funnel
44 The Magical Bell And Bushel
45 Out Of An Empty Bag To Bring Upwards Of An Hundred Eggs; And, Afterwards, A Living Fowl
46 Bonus Genius; Or, Hiccius Doctius
47 To Make A Knife Leap Out Of A Pot
47 To Turn A Box Of Birdseed Into A Living Bird

48 Experiments With Fire
48 To Produce A Carmine Red Flame
48 An Orange-Coloured Flame
48 To Make Balloons With Soap And Water That Catch Fire And Detonate
49 A Brilliant Blue Flame
49 An Emerald Green Flame
49 Load Detonations, Like The Discharge Of Artillery
50 A Well Of Fire
50 To Make A Room Seem All On Fire
50 To Walk On A Hot Iron Bar, Without Danger Of Burning
50 To Eat Fire, And Blow It Up In Your Mouth With A Pair Of Bellows
52 To Light A Candle By A Glass Of Water
52 Fulminating Powder
52 To Set Fire To A Combustible Body By The Reflection Of Two Concave Mirrors
53 To Give The Faces Of The Company The Appearance Of Death
53 To Dispose Two Little Figures, So That One Shall Light A Candle, And The Other Put It Out
53 To Construct A Lantern Which Will Enable A Person To Read By Night, At A Great Distance

54 Tricks With Strings, Knots, &c.
54 To Cut A Lace Asunder In The Middle, And To Make It Whole Again
54 To Burn A Thread And Make It Whole Again With The Ashes
55 To Pull Many Yards Of Ribbon Out Of The Mouth
55 To Cut A Piece Of Tape Into Four Parts, And Make It Whole Again With Words
57 To Unloose A Knot Upon A Handkerchief, By Words
58 To Draw A Cord Through The Nose
59 To Take Three Button-Moulds Off A String

60 Optical Illusions
60 The Multiplying Mirror
61 The Magic-Lantern
61 The Phantascope
63 The Enchanted Mirror
64 The Wonderful Phantoms
65 The Real Apparition
67 To Draw A Deformed Figure, Which Will Appear Well Proportioned From A Certain Point Of View

67 Chemical Changes
67 To Change The Colour Of A Rose
67 To Turn Water Into Wine
68 Arbor Diana; Or, The Silver Tree
68 The Lead Tree
68 The Tree Of Mars
69 To Form A Metallic Tree, In The Shape Of A Fir
69 To Make A Gold Or Silver Tree, To Serve As A Chimney Ornament
70 Sympathetic Or Secret Inks
70 Preparation Of Green Sympathetic Ink
70 Blue Sympathetic Ink
71 Yellow Sympathetic Ink
71 Purple Sympathetic Ink
71 Rose Coloured Sympathetic Ink
71 Application Of The Secret Inks
71 A Drawing Which Alternately Represents Winter And Summer Scenes
72 Demonstration Of The Various Strats Of Earth Which Cover The Globe
72 To Freeze Water In The Midst Of Summer, Without The Application Of Ice

73 Miscellaneous Tricks And Experiments
73 To Swallow A Long Pudding Made Of Tin
74 An Artificial Spider
74 To Pass A Ring Through Your Cheek
75 To Cut A Hole In A Cloak, Scarf, Or Handkerchief, And By Words To Make It Whole Again
75 The Dancing Egg
76 To Make Three Figures Dance In A Glass
77 To Shoot A Swallow, And To Bring Him To Life Again
77 Singular Trick With A Fowl
77 To Put A Lock Upon A Man's Mouth
79 To Thrust A Bodkin Into The Forehead, Without Hurt
79 To Thrust A Bodkin Through Your Tongue
80 To Appear To Cut Your Arm Off, Without Any Hurt Or Danger
80 Tricks With A Cat
81 To Make A Calf's Head Bellow, When Served Up To Table
81 To Make A Ball Rise Above The Water
81 Mode Of Scaling Letters, Whereby The Impression Cannot Be Taken
82 The Enchanted Egg
82 To Cut a A Man's Head Off, And To Put The Head Into A Platter, A Yard From The Body
83 To Cause Beer To Be Wring Out Of The Handle Of A Knife
84 To Cut A Glass By Heat