J.B. Bobo: The Bobo Lecture - Miracles of Magic
Bobo, J.B.: The Bobo Lecture Miracles of Magic
©1955(circa) J.B. Bobo
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 11 pages
J.B. Bobo: Miracles of Magic Lecture
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Contents (from book):

1 The Ethereal Silk: appearing and vanishing silk routine using TT
3 The Jumping Jack: using the Tarbell Jumbo Card Frame and gimmicked Jack
4 The Whistle Switch: light turns on or off with use of a whistle
5 Card Box Routine: using Rice Card Silk
7 The Wonderful 11 Card Jumping Trick: spectator tries several times to count 11 cards for the magician
9 The Houdini Card: selection is magically removed from a banded deck
10 The Traveling Joker: the Joker jumps through the packet of red cards