Bobo, J. B. & J.G. Thompson (editor): Watch This One!
1947 Lloyd E. Jones
Hardcover, 6x9", 125 pages
Watch This One
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Comments: Edited by J.G. Thompson, Jr., Illustrated by J.B.Bobo. "A collection of choice magical effects with small objects." J.B. Bobo is more than just coins! Here is a small book packed with cards, thimbles, coins (of course), and more. Decent.


7 Contents
11 Preface: There is nothing new under the sun
13 Introduction by John Braun: on becoming a matchlesse fellowe for legerdemaine

15 Chapter I: New Card Technique
15 Multiple Card Control: Bobo's method of card control using the Hindu shuffle. Pinky break, crimp
18 Bottom Up: controlling bottom card to top. Method 1 table cut. Method 2 in the air cut
21 Bottom Peek
23 Top Peek: with simple application
25 U Peek I Peek: simple peek
27 Color Change: clean and fast
29 The Ebling Crimp (Paul Ebling): easy method for bottom crimp

31 Chapter II Keys and Tricks Therewith
31 A New Key Card: novel key using roughing fluid
32 The Isolated Key: general use of a key card
33 Stop Card Trick: Spectator deals cards one at a time. Magician stops him at selected card.
35 Found: Spectator cuts deck and selects top card of either half, and replaces card on either half. Deck is mixed, but magician locates card
36 Bobo Locatrix: elaboration of Found
39 In His Hands (J. Stewart Smith): Self working. Spectator selects card, returns it, cuts deck and ribbon spreads each half. Performer turns back. Spectator removes chosen card, inserts it in other row, shuffles each and re ribbon spreads them. Magician locates row and card.
40 Telepathic Miracle: Magician reverses card behind his back merely thought of by spectator.
42 Two Backward Cards: Deck cut in two piles. Card selected from one pile and placed on top of other pile. This is repeated with 2nd spectator. Deck is ribbon spread and 3rd spectator turns one card face up. Face up card is inserted in deck behind magician's back, and the cards on either side are the selections

45 Chapter III Miscellaneous Card Tricks
45 Behind His Back (Paul Ebling): Performer holds deck behind his back and spectator selects card and returns it. Performer faces spectator, hands him the deck, and names the chosen card. Deck is ribbon spread, and selection is found face up in deck
46 Card to Pocket: Deck is riffled and spectator selects a card and the deck is reassembled. Performer reaches into pocket and removes a card: the selection. Could be use for a signed card to wallet
48 Double Discovery: Two cards selected and returned, a third placed face up in deck. Selections are found on either side of face up card.
49 Triple Thought: Three cards selected. One is kept in mind, and the three cards mixed up. Cards are replaced in deck, and magician finds selection
51 The Invisible Deck: Brain Wave deck presentation
52 Out of This World Followup 1: a 2nd spectator is able to find the selection of the 1st spectator
55 Out of This World Followup 2: with deck separated into two colors, it is mixed and shuffled yet remains separated
58 Cards in Flight: presented with patter for children
65 Four Ace Routine: Four piles are made as called by the spectator, yet four Aces are found on top. Aces inserted into deck and shuffled. One card is selected as indicator card and four piles are dealt accordingly. Again the Aces are on top. Aces are mixed in again, and magician cuts to the Ace 3 times, but 4th fails. The value of the 4th card is used to find the last Ace

73 Chapter IV Bobo System of Card Control: notes on using sleights taught up to this point as a card control system

75 Chapter V The Art of Sleeving: the art sold
76 Delayed Action Sleeving: with a coin
77 The Pumpkin Seed Vanish: for small objects
79 Chameleon Knives: a color changing knife using regular knives
80 Color Changing Thimble: using the sleeves
80 Coin to Ring: coin changes to a ring
81 Through the Table: a coin is forced through the table
83 Glass of Liquid Production: small glass of liquid is produced from a handkerchief
84 The Catapault: sleeving from one hand to the other sleeve
86 Bobo Magic advertisement

87 Chapter VI Coin Tricks
87 A New Switch: a hand to hand coin switch
90 Bobo Vanish: coin is placed in opposite hand and both hands turn over. Coin vanishes
91 Knee-zy Vanish: coin slapped on the knee vanishes
92 Sucker Vanish: coin is apparently false transferred, but when audience calls magician on it, the transfer is complete. On 2nd try, however, the coin vanishes
94 The Penny Trating Coin: Penny and dime held in the hand, one coin penetrates (penny & dime set)
95 The Squirting Nickel: some ideas for using one
96 Mystery With a Shell Half: short routine
97 The Magic Mint: nickel placed in hand turns to nickel and half. Half put away. Nickel is heated and changes to a half
99 The Ghost of a Coin: half changes to glass disc in spectator's hand
101 Peregrinating Quarters: Cap and pence/stack of quarters routine. Uses stack, pennies, 14 extra quarters, coin purse, an dollar bill. A straightforward routine
103 The Inseparable Pair: Two halves on the table. One picked up and put in left hand. 2nd picked up and tossed (and heard) with first. Left hand is now empty. Both coins on tabe, hands crossed and coin picked up in each hand. Coin is released from each hand to show actually there. One coin travels across
106 Chinese Money Mystery (Harry McDaniel): Two rows of 4 coins. Performer takes one alternately in each hand. Some are tossed down to show they are actually picked up. Instead of 4 in each hand, ends up with 7 in one, 1 in other
108 Silver and Copper: introduction to gimmicked coin
109 Number One: English Penny & Half placed in each of spectator's palms. The coins transpose
111 Number Two: as above, allowing examination before starting
112 Number Three: another transposition, no sleights, but in magician's hand
113 Number Four (J.G. Thompson, Jr.): another transposition, but in the spectator's and magician's pocket. Left clean
114 Suggested Routine: using some previous effects in sequence

115 Chapter VII Tricks With Miscellaneous Articles
115 Match Penetration: Two matches held between the forefinger and thumb penetrate each other
116 Thimble Change Over (Paul Fox): Thimble vanishes in the hands, all 10 fingers counted and no thimble, then thimble appears
117 Thimble Pop Up (Paul Fox): thimble on forefinger is thrust into left fist, but right thumb pops up with thimble
119 Exploding Thimble: metal thimble is tosse to ground where it explodes (pea sized bingo bomb; could perhaps use "snapper" today)
120 Throwing a Knot: in a rope
121 Knots to You: A rope is shown, a small number is called out, say Four. Four knots appear in the rope, and one is "blown" away
123 The Ring on the String: uses duplicate, and describes how ring can be placed back on again