Rev. Donald E. Bodley: More Lessons In Scripture
Bodley, Rev. Donald: More Lessons in Scripture
©1954 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 28 pages
Donald Bodley: More Lessons in Scripture
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Comments: Bodley's second book of Gospel Magic.


3 Introduction (Percy Abbott)
3 Author*s Preface

4 Articles:
4 A Minister and His Magic
6 Glo-Lac Magic

9 The Tricks:
9 Cleaning House
12 Einstein's Theory
13 Within His Love: Abbott's Pogo Ball - ball appears in a glass in a container
14 The Perfect Trick
15 The Chains of Sin
17 The Big Change
19 Passing Thru
21 Gossip Spreads Around
24 A Guiding Hand
26 The Sheep from the Goats: using the Sand and Water trick where sand in water comes out dry

28 Acknowledgements