Boles, Don: Midway Magic
©1963 The Pinchpenny Press, Atlanta, GA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 51 pages
              Boles Midway Magic
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Comments (JayAndLefty): Not illustrated. "One of the few books written on the subject of doing magic in a carnival or sideshow setting...Mostly deals with the background and business details of what to expect in this market. Does not offer routines in any detail, but gives general advice, with examples, of performing within this venue.

Contents (Chapters from Book ToC):

7 Foreword
9 I. Introduction
12 II. 10-In-One Magic
23 III. The Full Tent Performance
28 IV. The 10 In One Illusion
33 V. The Magic Free Act
36 VI. The Illusion Grind Show
43 VII. General Remarks