Boleware, Tom: The Daycare Magician
©2007 Tom Boleware
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 79 pages

Updated and Re-Written by Danny Orleans
©2018 AmazeKids
The Daycare
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*Tom Boleware: The Daycare Magician

Comments: The Magician's guide for working preschools. Since the time of this first edition, Tom worked with Danny Orleans to update and expand the contents for current times. This new book is available as an eBook from Vanishing Inc. and it's Contents are here: The Daycare Magician.

Contents (this is the older, 2007 first edition):

5 Let's Have a Little Talk
8 Why Work Daycare Centers
9 What is Daycare
10 The Daycare Business
13 A Morning at Daycare
14 Daily Schedule
15 Infants
16 Toddlers
17 Two Year Olds
18 Three Year Olds
19 Four Year Olds
20 Five Year Olds
21 Six to Twelve Year Olds
21 What is Magic to Children
22 The Big Secret
23 How to Think Like a Child
23 How to Keep Young Children Interested
24 The Rules of the Show
25 The Daycare Show Audience
25 Best Times
25 Ending the Show
26 Puppets
26 Sucker Tricks
26 Who's In Charge
27 Starting the Show
28 What Type Show is Best
30 Educational Shows
31 Theme Daycare Programs
32 Entertainment Only Shows
32 How Much to Charge
33 How to Charge More and Get It
35 Why Daycares Hire Magicians
36 How to Book the Show
37 Mailing to Centers
38 Selling on the Phone
39 A Short Simple Phone Script
40 Getting Your Foot In the Door
40 Repeat Shows
41 Keeping Everyone Happy
42 Dealing With the Staff
43 Having Them Beg You Back
44 Making a Living Working Daycare Centers
44 The $1000.00 Daycare Show
45 How to Work the Same Daycare 12 Times a Year
46 How to Book Several Shows at Once
48 How 20 Daycare Centers Equal $50,000 Per Year
49 How to Get Leads from the Daycare
50 Tips and More Tips
52 Criminal Abuse Check
53 Safety Programs
54 Stranger Danger
60 The Miser's Dream
63 A Bit With a Ball
64 Milk Shake
65 The Great Ace Race
67 Tongue Twister Fun
68 Don't Touch Tell An Adult
69 Monster Tails
72 Thoughts on Preschoolers
76 Mind Reading
76 More Tips
78 Thanks