Bongo, Ali: The Bongo Book
1966 Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 64 pages

1972 Second Printing
1975 Third Printing
              Bongo: The Bongo Book
Image courtesy e-Bay seller TJGonFishn

Comments: Ali Bongo's first book, written and illustrated by Ali. From the intro, "This series originally appeared in Goodliffe's "Abra". Note should be made of the chapter entitled "Second Thoughts"...for improvements or additions..."

Contents (from book ToC, Updated Jan 2017):

2 All About Ali
5 Doves Ala Carte
8 Snowstorm in Pongolia
10 Out of the Picture
12 Witch Switch
15 The Tearable Ogre
18 Penetration Minus
21 The Lady's Not for Burning
24 Bongo's Blooming Bush
27 What is "Backsheesh"?
28 The Printer's Nightmare
31 Fruit Salad
34 The Balancing Yogi
36 One Rope Only
40 The Baffling Bangle
43 Jail Break
46 Symbols in the Sand
49 Bouquets and Bangers
52 The Houdini Pin
55 Now is the Hour
57 Blooming Assistant
60 Second Thoughts
62 Pongolian Production Box