Bongo, Ali: Bongo's Bazaar
©1970 (circa) Ali Bongo, Magic Inc., Chicago
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 12 pages
Bongo's Bazaar
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Comments: These are "true" lecture notes that provide a quick summary of effects that were presented at the lecture. While the descriptions are brief, most provide enough details for the average magician to get the idea.


2 Bongo's Bazaar: An Evening of Pongolian Rubbish (intro)
3 Blendo Bag: 3 silks from flower bush and then transform into large foulard
3 The Blooming Bush: bush blooms behind the Blendo Silk
4 Flower Production One: catching flowers from the air
4 Flower Production Two: different colored flowers from silk
4 Bongoloon: knitting needles penetrate balloon in square tube
5 Balloon Valve: temporary tie for inflating balloons
5 Card Fantastick: card fan clings to your hand
6 Ring Rope and Hat: bracelet size ring on rope inside hat
6 Ring Off Rope: follow on to above
6 Wedding Bowls: confetti in rice bowls changes color and then to flowers
7 Witch Switch: Hippety Hop rabbit type effect with cone hats
7 The Mouse in the Bag: quick idea
7 Holy Hanky: handkerchief gets holes in it magically
8 Chain of Office: chain links and medallion magically change into necklace
8 The Blooming Stooge: idea for comedy routine
8 Fortune in the Flames: all packets burnt except one with money in it
9 Button Bag & Blackboard: color prediction of selected button
9 Clarence: Magic paddle finds "odd" soldier (Children's effect)
9 Coins Across for Children: 3 coins pass from one handkerchief bag to another
10 Coins Across - Impromptu: variation of above
10 Coins Across With Bongotray: yet another version with gimmicked tray
10 Three And Sympathy: no details provided
10 Magic Paint Book: Magic coloring book
11 Pongolian Farewell: The End silk from confetti