Ali Bongo Lecture Notes 1994
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo '94
©1994 Ali Bongo
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 8 pages
              Bongo Lecture '94
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Contents: (from web description):

1 Four Kings Easy: cards
2 Lucky Number: prediction
3 Pick-A-Pencil Pick-A-Lollipop: predict remaining
4 Bongo's Blooming Bush
4 Bongo Blendo
5 Colour Change Rose
5 Silk To Rose
6 Stretch-A-Link: rope
7 Zig Zag Folder: production utility
7 Matchbox Monte: with coin
8 Chung Ling Hoo-Din: coin and chop sticks