Frank Bonville: Little Secrets
Bonville, Frank: The Little Secrets
©1985 Gambler's Book Club, Las Vegas
Softcover, 48 pages
Frank Bonville: The Little Secrets
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Comments:Expose on Gambling Cheaters. Reprint of 1904 book.


5 Introduction
7 How the Count Down Is Played by Three Men in a Poker Game
7 How Signs Are Given on the Edge of Cards
8 Characteristics of a Professional Gambler
9 The History of Dice
10 How an Up-To-Date Card Room Is Conducted
11 When Partners Wish the Pot Raised
12 How a Professional Gambler Tests His Ability
12 Signs Used by Partners on the Street
13 The Double Cross
14 How a Professional Poker Player Takes Care of Himself
15 How Round Table Stud Poker Is Cheated
15 Chuck Luck and How Cheated
16 The High Deal
17 The Spread Cut
17 Value of a Hand in Poker
18 Cards Marked with Finger Nails
18 The Double Discard
19 Check Signs
20 Uses To Which a Pair of Cards May Be Put
21 The Bill Hand
21 How They Play Twenty-One
22 How to Play Poker in a Big Game
24 The Haymow Shuffle
25 Envelope Work
26 Finger Joint Signs
27 Smeer
28 Pocket Knife Game
31 How Poker Is Played
34 Strippers and How Made
34 Toothpick or Cigar Signs
35 Phoney Jewelry Pick Out
36 Second Dealing
36 Seven Up
37 A Cold Deck of Cards and How They Play Them
37 Jack Turned from the Bottom
38 Marked Cards
38 Dice and How They Handle Them
39 How They Win in a Keno Game
39 How Table Stake Poker Is Played in a Big Game
40 How to Settle Disputes in a Poker Room
41 Finger Joint Signs on the Front of Fingers for Cards
42 Roulette
43 Saving Stake Money
43 Gold Spectacle Grafters
44 Phoney Jewelry Grafter
45 Watch Grafter
45 Whiskey Grafter
46 Razor Grafters
47 How People Are Short Changed