Booth, John, B.A.: Forging Ahead In Magic
©1939 Kanter's Magic Shop, Philadelphia
Hardcover, 134 pages

1944 Second edition has 160 pages
(and I think the same content)
Forging Ahead in Magic
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John Booth: Forging Ahead in Magic

Comments: "The secrets of successful magicians...not their tricks...but the practical ideas and business methods whereby they have gained prominence and profit."

Contents (from book ToC):

vii Introduction (William W. Larsen)
ix A Word from the Author

1 Part One: Before the Curtain Rises

1 Chapter 1 Building the Magic Act:
Special Openings
Essential Components of the Act
Closing Strongly
Encore Examples

11 Chapter 2 Creating a Setting:
The Important Mazda Glow
The Power of Music
Care of the Hands
Face and Clothes

21 Chapter 3 Before the Performance:
Position on the Bill
How to Get Off to a Good Start

29 Part Two: On the Stage

29 Chapter 4 The Style is the Thing:
How to Find and Build Up Your Style
The Secret in Rehearsing

36 Chapter 5 The Voice of Experience:
Be Your Own Playwright
The Key to Dramatic Voicing

43 Chapter 6 Personality and Showmanship:
Development of Personality
Cultivating Performing Greatness

50 Chapter 7 How to Get More Applause

57 Part Three: Building Your Reputation

57 Chapter 8 Manufacturing Your Own Glamour:
Curious Advertising Give-Aways

66 Chapter 9 Detailed Analysis of Newspaper Publicity:
Handling Newspaper Interviews
Special Promotional Stunts
The Magician-Author
Sorcery Anecdotes Columnists Seek
These Stunts Paid Dividends

89 Chapter 10 They Want Your Picture!:
News Picture That Count
Solving the Professional Photograph Problem

96 Chapter 11 The Magic of the Ether:
Sketches, Interviews and Stunts
Writing Radio and Luncheon Club Addresses
Television Thaumaturgy

104 Chapter 12 Lucrative Direct Mail Ideas: Engaging a Press Agent

115 Part Four: Turning Talent Into Money

115 Chapter 13 Better Bookings and Safer Contracts:
Booking Organizations Direct
Success in the Lyecum Field
Night Club and Vaudeville Problems
Pitfalls in Show Contracts

128 Chapter 14 How to Get Held Over: