John Booth: Magical Mentalism
Booth, John: Magical Mentalism
©1931 John Booth, The Seagers Press, Hamilton, ONT
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 32 pages
John Booth: Magical Mentalism
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Comments: "Advanced creations in Mental Phenomena"

Contents (from book ToC):

7 Sykic Ink Enigma
8 Les Cartes du Diable
10 Spook Smokes
12 The Man With The Calendar Mind
13 Colour-Vision
17 Acme Book Mystery
18 Pen-Plexity
21 Phenomenal Thought Cards
22 The Miracle Code
25 Ethereal Billet Mystery
27 Super X-Rav Eyes
29 Boothism