Greg Bordner (producer): The Abbott Magic Collection Vol4 Secrets and Routines
Bordner, Greg (producer): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 4 Secrets and Routines
©2018 The Abbott Magic Company, Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 140 pages
ISBN: 978-1986617482

Also available as an eBook from Abbott's.
Greg Bordner: Abbott Magic Collection Volume 4
              Secrets and Routines
Image courtesy Abbott Magic Company

Comments: Instructions and patter for some of Abbott's Best Props, compiled from past Abbott Magic Company instruction sheets. Most of these will require the commercial prop; there are a few you could construct yourself. Part of the new Abbott Magic Collection series.

Contents (from book):

3 Acrobatic Cane Routine: instruction sheet for Abbott's dancing cane
4 Arrowhead Illusion: instruction sheet for arrows thru head box
5 Asrah In Miniature: instruction sheet for levitating Barbi-doll
6 Astounding DoNothing Machine - Pom Pom Sticks Routine: patter for Pom Pom sticks, no explanation of working
7 Attaboy: instruction sheet for this card revelation prop
7 - A Routine With Lettered Cards
8 - DNA Test
8 - For Mentalists
9 Bamboo Sticks: general instructions for the Chinese Sticks
11 Box of Pam: instruction sheet for production or vanish box
12 Carnival Ribbons: instruction sheet for dove production
14 Casket Of Pandora: instruction sheet for a production tube
15 Cube On Release: instruction sheet for a block release from ropes
17 - Frankenstein Patter (Gene Gordon)
18 Die Boxes: general explanation
19 - The Die Box Suggested Routine
19 - Abbott's Standard Die Box Suggested Routine
20 - Abbott's Die Box Suggested Routine
21 - Neil Foster's Favorite Variation
21 - Abbott's Deluxe Die Box Suggested Routine
21 - Abbott's Shenanigan Die Box Suggested Routine - Method 1
22 - Abbott's Shenanigan Die Box Suggested Routine - Method 2
23 - Abbott's Shenanigan Die Box Suggested Routine - Method 3
23 - Abbott's Twin Die Box Suggested Routine
24 - Neil Foster's Twin-Di Routine
25 - Abbott's Improved Die Box Suggested Routine
27 Den O Zen: Instruction sheet for production box
28 Disecto: instructions for wrist chopper prop
30 Dovan: instructions for vanishing dove apparatus
32 - Darwin's Color Changing Dove
33 Dove In Balloon: Instruction sheet
35 Dove Thru Glass: Instruction sheet
36 Dove Workers Vest: instruction sheet; vest holds six doves
38 Dukes Dye Version: full routine for a 24 foot rainbow silk streamer
42 Duplex Glasses & Silk: instruction sheet - glass and silks produced from newspaper
44 Egg Bag: general description & patter
45 - Eddie Joseph Indian Magi Routine
47 Far East Silk Cabinet: silk production box, with patter for a Gospel routine
49 Find The Lady Cards: Instructions and routine for this Jumbo flap version
52 Flower Surprise: instructions and routine for a silk color change cabinet, artist plaque, and silks
54 Fraidy Cat Rabbit: Instructions and routine for this platform children's effect
55 - Rhyming Patter (Al Thatcher)
56 - Fraidy Cat Rabbit Spooky Patter
57 Hand Of The Caliph: Instruction sheet for a mechanical hand that can reveal 5 cards
58 Hathaway Hank Box: description and construction of this box used for a cut and restored borrowed handkerchief
61 - Using the Hathaway Hank Box as a Sefalaljia Box (Ken Woodward)
63 Head in Orbit: basic instructions for a head vanishing box
64 Hippity Hop Rabbits: description and instructions for a cutout rabbit transformation
65 - Hippity-Hop Santa Claus Routine (Hank Moorehouse)
66 - Hippity-Hop Skeletons (Dale Salwak)
68 Hole In One: instructions for this apparatus where a selected ball appears under an upside down glass
69 Imagino: production and vanish of silks in two boxes on a tray
71 JAP Box - Just Another Production Box: basic instructions for this silk production box
72 Linking Rings Routine: instructions and routine for the standard 8 ring set
77 Metamorpho Spots: solid color handkerchiefs gain spots, as does the cylinder they were contained in
78 Mutilated Parasol: instructions for this umbrella trick
81 Neck Twister - Exorcist Girl: assistant's head is turned completely around in this box
83 Nest Of Boxes: general description for this prop set where a borrowed object ends up in a series of nested boxes
83 - Hank Moorehouse Routine
85 Night Club Cylinders: instructions for three cylinders that produce a glass of beer, potato chips, and pretzels
85 - A Chinese Wedding (Mortimer)
87 Oriental Fantasy: Instruction sheet with routine for a stack of checkers and glass of rice transposition
89 Paper Hat Tears: general description
80 Foxy Tear Routine (Karrell Fox):  top hat and rabbit version
91 Pixie Glass: general description of this glass that can vanish or appear liquid
91 - Preparation #1: milk vanish
91 - Preparation #2: milk appearance
92 - Transposition Effect: using two Pixie glasses
92 - Other Ideas
93 Rabbit Wringer: real rabbit appears to be wrung into a flat rabbit
94 Spirit Bell Patter (Sid Lorraine): comedy patter
97 Square Circle - Classic and Standard: general instructions
98 Squaring the Circle: general instructions
99 Super Duper Balloon: instructions and patter for floating balloon
101 Super Botania: general instructions for appearing bouquet
102 Super X Levitation: instructions for this assistant levitation apparatus
110 Svengali Deck:
110 - Trick No. 1
110 - Trick No. 2
110 - Trick No. 3
111 - Trick No. 4
111 - Trick No. 5
111 - Trick No. 6
111 - Trick No. 7
112 Sword Through Neck: instructions
114 Talking Skull Routine (Sid Lorraine): comedy patter
119 Tambo Rings: intruction sheet for this production prop
120 Tear Apart Livestock Vanish: instruction sheet
122 Torturette: instruction sheet for spikes through the arm apparatus
124 Ultimate Twin Dove Production: instructions, using dove harnesses and pockets
126 Vampire Block Patter (Howard Melson): horror story for block that penetrates a rod
127 Vanishing Bird & Cage: instructions
130 Where Do The Ducks Go: bird vanish apparatus instructions
132 Zombie (Je Karson): Joe's 1963 instruction sheet for the floating ball
135 - Zombie Act Device (James Smith)
137 - Zombie Scary Patter (Richard Holmes)
138 - Further Tips

140 Published By Abbott Magic