Greg Bordner & Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection V5 Mentalism
Bordner, Greg (producer); Chuck Kleiber (compiler): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 5 Mentalism
©2018 Abbott Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 142 pages
ISBN: 978-1986423113
Greg Bordner & Chuck Kleiber: Abbott Magic
              Collection V5 Mentalism
Image courtesy Abbott Magic Company

Comments: Volume 5 of the new Abbott Magic Collection series. Includes 31 of the "greatest mentalism effects in the world", compiled from past Abbott Magic Company publications.

Contents (from book; updated Aug 2022):

2 Welcome to Mentalism and Things Psychic
3 13 Living And Dead Tests
3 - Living & Dead Test #1 (U.F. Grant): with rolled up papers
3 - Living & Dead Test #2 (U.F. Grant): similar approach
3 - Living & Dead Test #2 (U.F. Grant): paper with dead person's name jumps around
3 - Living & Dead Test #4 (U.F. Grant): with a hat
4 - Living & Dead Test #5 (U.F. Grant & Walter Schwartz): using playing cards
4 - Living & Dead Test #6 (Eddie Joseph): using chalk
4 - Living & Dead Test #7 (Mariano Palhinha): using papers in a hat
5 - Living & Dead Test #8 (Ken De Courcy): six names written on a single postcard; dead name is underlined by the magician
5 - Living & Dead Test #9 (Morton): with invisible ink
6 - Living & Dead Test #10 (James): using strips of paper
6 - Living & Dead Test #11 (Tom Hubbard): using cards
6 - Living & Dead Test #12 (Stewart James): using business cards
7 - Living & Dead Test #13 The Baffler: using envelopes
8 Any Drink Called (Jeffery Atkins): elaborate set up to pour real drinks for your audience
19 Astral Diviner (Eddie Joseph): performer selects the card that was written down by spectator
21 Astrologia (Albright): a full reading act for a spectator based on date of birth, name of a departed friend, and a few words on a subject they would like a reading on.
21 - Billet-Reading Routine No. 1: with sample reading to make it personalized
24 - The Automatic Prompter: method to provide cue words
26 - Sealed Message Reading Routine No. 2: one man routine can be worked alone or as part of the act
27 - Triple Seal for Single Sitter: sealed message reading for a single reading
31 - The Super-Billet Switch Method
34 Bally Prediction (William Stevenson): newspaper headline prediction
36 Bombay (Eddie Joseph): card selected in red deck is found face up in blue deck, and magician never touches the decks
38 Cement Headline Prediction: prediction is sealed in cement
39 Empire Mental Routine: with help of a confederate, medium can perform stunts named by the audience
40 Ethereal Message Cabinet (Howard Albright): message appears on paper placed in a cabinet
42 Fortune Telling With Tarot Cards: intro to Cold Reading
44 - Unbalanced (Larry Becker): a Tarot reading with the magical revelation of a selected card
45 - Tarot Test (John Sherwood): magician discovers thought of card and a number
46 Grants Nail Bending (U.F. Grant)
46 Grants Hellstromism (U.F. Grant): brief intro to muscle reading, picking out items people think of
47 Graphology - Swami Gimmick/Nail Writer: living and dead test
48 Hellstromism: contact mind reading
53 Hitting The Headlines (Eddie Joseph): newspaper headline prediction using five spectators to eliminate possibility of confederates
58 Hypnotism (Ormond McGill): basics of stage hypnotism
58 - Obtaining the First Subject
58 - First Experiment: in relaxation
60 - Some Preliminary Tests: falling forward, backward
63 - The Power of Suggestion: keeping balance, sense of smell, unclasping hands
65 - Experiments in the Waking State: locking hands, stiffening leg and arm, speech, etc.
70 - Senses: the taste test, itchy sensations, eyelids sticking
72 - How to Hypnotize: unconscious state
75 - Phenomena of the Trance
78 - Experiments In the Hypnotic State
79 - Variety of Hypnotic Experiments (Dr. Bernard Hollander)
83 - Awakening the Subject
85 Impossible Lemon: bill to lemon
87 Intuitional Sight (Eddie Joseph): blindfold act
87 - The Blindfold and Its Accessories: using a flour dough
92 - Part 2 The Act: with patter and blindfolded feats, ten tests
95 - The Undressing
97 Ingenio (Jack Yates): naming any card thought of
99 Magazine Test (Percy Abbott): version of Annemann's magazine test
100 Mail Mentalism (Percy Abbott): long distance mysticism for promotion
107 Mind Power: magician reads the mind of the spectator to discover which of 5 card was selected
110 Predicta-Total (Bob Mason): total of randomly placed number tags matches a prediction
112 Premonition (Eddie Joseph): spectator names any card, and finds that card missing from the deck, to be produced by the magician
118 Second Sight Act: a full 15-20 minute act for magician and an assistant
121 Spirit Spooks: arms are tied to a chair, but mysterious effects occur
124 Supernatural Mentalism
124 - The Black Magic Doll: magician predicts which part won't be pierced with a pin
124 - The Svengali Dice Routine: prediction using a Svengali deck
124 - The Complete Mental Test: card from deck matches prediction
124 - The Color Effect as a Prediction: colored card matches prediction on a board
125 - The Power of Suggestion: tip
125 - Charms - the Value to the Mentalist: tip
125 - Fire Mentalism: use of fire
125 - How to Form a Supernatural Mental Act: suggested routines
125 - To Form a Spooky Routine: variation
126 Tarot Psychometry (Denny Laub): two person simple code
128 Thought Interception (Eddie Joseph): magician determines which object was selected using a special chart, with multiple presentation ideas
134 Zellas Famous Piano Act: piano player immediately begins playing song selected by spectator
136 Zella Mind Reading Act:
136 - First Method: using papers and a hat
137 - Second Method: using a tablet
137 - Third Method: for children
137 - Fourth Method: impromptu
138 - The Phantom Orchestra: orchestra plays selected songs
139 Zens Card Miracle: performer finds five selected cards on a 5x5 display easel

141 Published By Abbott Magic: with special thanks