Greg Bordner & Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection V6 Halloween Magic
Bordner, Greg (Producer); Chuck Kleiber (Compiler): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 6: The Halloween Magic
©2018 Abbott Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 140 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1986452717
Greg Bordner & Chuck Kleiber: Abbott Magic
              Collection 6 Halloween
Image courtesy Abbott's Magic

Comments: A collection of over 45 spooky Halloween magic effects compiled from Abbott Magic Company's past publications. Many include graphics for printing.

Contents (from book, descriptions added Aug 2022):

3 In memory of Phillip Morris - The Phone ESP Effect: telephone mentalism

4 Closeup Halloween Magic
4 A Skull In The Hand: magician divines the location of a skull card among 4 pumpkin cards
9 Book Of The Dead (Stewart James): two names chosen in a book by two spectators transpose
10 The Sorcar Haunted Circle: spelling the selected word in a circle of word cards
13 Halloween Party Crazy Cut Ups: making a magic word puzzle
15 Tricks With A Tarot Deck
15 - Unbalanced (Larry Becker): a Tarot reading with the magical revelation of a selected card
16 - Tarot Superpower (John Sherwood): magician discovers thought of card and a number
17 Halloween Starology: magician determines which word is selected from a set of cards
20 Nine Past Midnight: a similar effect
24 Skulldugger: geometry effect

26 Parlor Magic
26 Talking Skull Mechanical
27 Talking Skull Simplicity (Jimmy Trimble)
30 Rapping Hand
31 Grants Spirit Tie Knot: knots appear in a rope
31 Grants Slow Motion Silk Serpent: self tying silk
32 Grants Magic Mirror: the reflection of objects change when the mirror is rubbed
33 Snake Basket (Loring Campbell): card revelation
34 Spirit Photography (Loring Campbell): photo appears in a previously empty photo frame
34 Spirit Séance: a budget spirit cloth where mysterious things take place behind the cloth
35 Floating Handkerchief: and a hoop can be passed over it
36 Spider Effects
36 - Head in Web (C. Musson): illusion for stage
37 - Spider Card Mystery (Lu Brent): torn and restored card with a spider & web helping
38 - Spider and the Pips (Lu Brent): another card effect with a spider story and associated props
40 Sefalaljia (Theodore Annemann): based on Stewart James' idea; ring passes onto a tape in a cabinet
41 - Rubber Subber: variation
42 - Double Ring Ceremony: with two rings appearing on the rope
43 - Twogether: using two rings of different colors
44 - Knit Picker: variation using a lock
45 - Pairallel: using two ropes - the ring becomes threaded on the selected rope
46 - The Massecar Cabinet (Ray Massecar): another version of the original
47 Raising The Table - Come Good Spirits (Eddie Joseph)
58 Silk Through Skeleton: a silk passes through the neck of a skeleton brought onto stage
59 Spirit Cabinet Act 1: though the hands are tied, a bell and tambourine shake, a cane peeks over the curtain, etc.
60 Spirit Cabinet Club Act 2: a routine for a one-man act
61 Spirit Cabinet Rapps: and how to build the frame, tie the hands, and seven tests performed
70 Pogo Ball (R.C. Anderson): a ball ends up inside a glass in a small box
71 Spooky Silk: silk production from paper
72 Casadega Cabinet: bell, tambourine, other manifestations occur in this cabinet for the stage performer

75 Halloween Stage Illusions
75 Alien Intruder: variation of the Burned Alive illusion
80 Devil Illusion (U.F. Grant): assistant in devil costume appears from a surrounded cabinet
81 Phantasmo Illusion: assistant's head vanishes inside a cabinet
88 Frame Of Life And Death: spectator's head in a cabinet appears to turn into a skeleton
93 Ghost Walks Escape: escape from chains and a board
97 Chinese Chopper (Percy Abbott): blade does not harm the assistant
98 Chopping Block: assistant's head, under a cloth, is chopped off and restored
99 Dagger Chest: chest placed over head has daggers run through without harm
103 Haunted House: mysterious things happen in a small house, then an assistant appears
105 Magician Ghost And Girl: a costume change
106 Mabel Illusion: Assistant's head and legs are normal, but middle section looks like a skeleton
112 Giant Guillotine: head chopper illusion
122 Witch's Broom Rope Illusion: an escape
123 Modernistic Amputation: spectator's arm placed through a box is missing the center section
128 Costume Trunk: assistant appears in a trunk wearing the selected costume
134 Satans Seat: magician makes an appearance from a throne
137 Mummy Cloth Of The Nile: an escape
139 X-Ray Human: with a three-fold screen

140 Published by Abbott Magic