Greg Bordner & Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 13: Rope Magic and Routines
Bordner, Greg (Producer); Chuck Kleiber (Compiler): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 13: Rope Magic & Routines
©2018 Abbott Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 142 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1717200679
Greg Bordner Chuck Kleiber Abbott Magic Collection
              V13 Rope Magic Routines
Image courtesy Abbott's Magic

Comments: Much of the content appears to be from the Stewart James "Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks", but the contents are not identical. There appear to be come additions and some ommisions, though I didn't compare them in detail.

Contents (from book ToC):

5 Chapter 1 Knots
5 G. W. Hunter's Puzzle Knot
5 The One Hand Knot
6 The Flip Knot
6 The Lightning Knot
6 Two At a Time
6 Guarding the Line
7 The Knot of Enchantment
8 Any Number of Knots
8 Adolph Ferber's Spectre Tie
9 The Vanishing Square Knot
9 Ralph Hull's Famous Vanishing Knot
10 The Captive Knot
10 Chefalo's Vanishing Knot
11 The Magic Shoe Laces
12 John Braun Combination Knot
12 Wholesale Knot Removal
13 Gone Again
13 C.T. Jordan's Mystifying Knot Trick
14 Repeat Knots

15 Chapter 2 - Penetrations Using Two Ropes
15 Ropes Through the Neck
16 Venable's Improved Ropes Through Neck
17 The Ropes and Rings Mystery
17 S. Collins' New Ropes and Rings Release
19 Relue's Ropes and Cups
19 The 3-in-l Ropes
20 Oriental or Simplicity Rope Release
20 Walking Through Ropes
20 Adolph Ferber's Mimi-Cords

22 Chapter 3 Penetrations Using One Rope
22 The Leg Tie
22 Nevil Maskelyne's Leg Tie
23 Tenkai Rope Trick Through Neck
24 Loop the Loop
24 New Rope Through Neck
25 Endless Neck Rope
26 The Handkerchief Release
26 Jay-Bee's Undisturbed Knot
27 The Vest-Turning Trick
28 Ring On the Rope
28 Ring Knotted On the Rope
29 Puzzling Ring On the Rope
29 New Ring On Rope
29 Slater's Ring On the Rope
30 Borrowed Ring On Rope
30 "Cheeky" Rope and Ring Trick
30 Edward Smith's Rope and Ring Trick
31 The Dropping Ring
32 Wholesale Ring Removal
32 Charles Leedy's Rope Ringo
33 Eddie Joseph's Ringed
33 Graham Adams' Rope and Ring
34 Jordan's Psychic Ring Release
35 The Rope Through the Stick
35 Grant's Witch's Broom
36 Cutting a Woman in Half
36 Eddy Joseph Hindu Ring Mystery
37 Martin’s Nifty Third

38 Chapter 4 Cut-Restored Cord
38 The Famous Kellar String Trick
38 Karl Germaine's String Restoration
40 "Figure 8" String Restoration
41 Simple String Restoration
41 Twyno
42 Impromptu String Restoration
44 Eddie Joseph's Restored String
44 Ovette's Supreme String Mystery
45 Louis Christianer's Pet String Trick
45 The Master Cut and Restored String
46 S.B. Blodgett's Double Restoration
47 L.W. Package Cord Mystery
47 Le Roy's Hindu Yarn Mystery
48 Ellis Stanyon's String Restoration
48 T. Page Wright's Variation
48 Rupert Slater's Variation
49 Baffling String Restoration
49 Wisenheimer String Restoration
50 Joseph Kolar's Straw and String Trick
51 Nelson Hahne's Version
52 George Wright's Version
52 Floyd Thayer's Wizzo
53 L. W. Restoring the String
53 Cut And Restored Telephone Cord
54 Cut And Restored Light Cord

55 Chapter 5 - Cut and Restored Rope Impromptu
55 "Figure 8" Rope Restoration
55 The "Hindu" Rope Restoration
56 Bluey-Bluey's Method
56 Eric Impey's Impromptu Method
57 Dr. Ervin's Rope Restoration
59 H. Sterling's Short - Long Rope Mystery
62 R.W. Hull's Stretching Rope
64 S.H. Sharpe's A Rope Repaired
65 John Goodrum's Sleight of Hand Method
65 Fernand Verheyden's Method
68 Tarbell's "Many-Cut" Rope Mystery
70 Wright-Larsen Zenith Rope Restoration
71 Graham Adams' Cut and Restored Rope
72 U. F. Grant's 1933 Rope Trick
73 Carl Brema's Knotted Rope
73 Grant's Sleight-of-Hand Rope Trick
75 Heisey's Hindu Rope Trick
78 No Knot Cut Rope

80 Chapter 6 Cut and Restored Rope Unprepared Rope
80 L.W. Tug O' War
80 L.W. Simplicity Rope Restoration
81 L.W. Gloved Deception
81 L.W. Vinculum
82 L.W. Restoring the Rope
83 Bert Douglas' Magic Skipping Rope
85 Ringing the Bull
86 R.M. Jamison's Severed Ropes
87 Baffleso!
88 Grant's Stage Rope Restoration
89 Scotty Lang's Sucker Rope Trick
90 The L.W. Lost Chord
91 Will Brema's Convincing Rope Trick
94 Winston Freer's Aladdin Oriental Gimmick
95 K.W. Liddle's Phenomenal Rope
96 L.W. Chased

97 Chapter 7 Cut and Restored Rope With Prepared Rope
97 L.W. Marking the Center
97 Hull's Marked Rope and the Thumb Tack
100 U.F. Grant's Super Rope Trick
101 Waldo Clarke's Little Rhody Rope Trick
104 The Tarbell Rope Mystery
111 Bjorklund's Slow-Motion Restoration
112 Marvel Cut and Restored Rope
112 Neffs Miracle Rope
118 "Maxam" Triple-Cut Rope Trick
119 "Cut Yourself a Piece of Rope"
122 Grants Amazing Rope Trick

124 Chapter 8 Miscellaneous Rope Tricks
124 The Professors Nightmare
125 Seymour Davis' "Sinbad's Rope"
126 H. Berson's Miracle Rope Growth
127 The Hypnotized Rope
129 Professor Cheer Comedy Rope Trick
129 Winston Freer's Alagen Rope
129 Freer's Master Muscle
129 Freer's "Tug-of-War" Rope
130 Grant - Maillow "Ropes of Bengal"
131 Abbott’s Keyo Illusion
133 Abbott’s Wrist Tie
134 Dunninger's East Indian Rope Trick

135 Chapter 9 Sefalajia
135 Sefalaljia

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