Greg Bordner & Chuck Kleiber: Abbot Magic Collection V15 Silk Magic and Routines
Bordner, Greg (Producer); Chuck Kleiber (Compiler); The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 15: Silk Magic & Routines
©2018 Abbott Magic Company, Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 142 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1718750050
Greg Bordner Chuck Kleiber Abbott Magic Collection
              V15 Silk Magic and Routines
Image courtesy Abbott's Magic

Comments: Silk effects compiled from previous Abbott Magic Company publications.

Contents (from book ToC):

3 20th Century Silks
5 20th Century Silks Paper Cone Version
7 20th Century Silks (Abbott's)
8 50 Ways To Produce A Silk
14 Blendo – Abbotts (Ross Bertram)
17 Blendo - Abbotts Square (Duke Stern)
18 Blendo Flag Bag
20 Blendo (D Hammer)
20 Blendo (B Miller)
21 Card Silks (Paul Stadelman)
22 Casadega Cabinet
26 Church Silk Cabinet
28 Color Change Handkerchief
29 Di-It (Jess Thornton)
30 Dove From Silk (Neil Foster)
35 Dukes Dye Version (Duke Stern)
39 Duplex Glasses & Silks
41 Flashy Silk Production (Joe White)
41 Flash Lemon Silk
43 Flower Surprise
46 Half Dyed Hank Closeup Version (Billy Mccomb)
48 Half Dyed Hank Stage Version (Billy Mccomb)
60 Handkerchief - Silk - Ball Manipulation
65 Hathaway Hank
68 Imagino (Robert Harbin)
71 Knots Off Silk
74 Multiplying Silks (Ken Allen)
75 Mutilated Parasol
77 Mystery Foulard
78 Rabotine
81 Repeat Vanishing Silk Routine To Lemon
82 Rising Floating Dancing Silk
84 Silk Blow – Silk Go (Ravelle/Andree)
85 Silk Fountain (Kenny Woodward)
88 Silk Fountain Abbott’s
90 Silk Fountain Neonistic
92 Silk Loading Into A Hat(4 Methods)
94 Silk Through Skeleton
95 Silken Loops (Percy Abbott)
96 Silks And Bag Trick
97 Silks At The Fingertips
98 Silks Between
100 Smooth As Silk (Joe White)
101 Snappy Dove Vanishing Hank
102 Soft Soap Tips
119 Sun And Moon Trick (H. Cecil)
123 Sympathetic Silks (Percy Abbott)
130 Sympathetic Silks E-Z Knot Release (Harold Rice)
133 Twin Knots
134 Visible Silk Vanish
135 Who Done It

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