Greg Bordner (editor): The Abbott Magic Collection Vol 18
Bordner, Greg: The Abbot Magic Collection Volume 18 Supplement & Potpourri
©2018 Abbott Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8,5x11", 140 pages

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Greg Bordner: Abbott Magic Collection V18 Supplement
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Comments: The first section of this book includes the contents listings for the 17 volumes of The Abbot Magic Collection. The second section includes about 14 trick sheets, and full reprints of U.F. Grant's Hat Loading Methods; Joseph White's A Scotch Brand of Magic; and Eddie Joseph's Twelve Tricks With a Magic Mummy.

Contents (from book):

1 The Abbott Magic Collection
5 Volume 1 1934 -1960 The Percy Abbott Years: contents
9 Volume 2 1961 -1981 The Recil Bordner Years: contents
11 Volume 3 1982 - 2018 The Greg Bordner Years: contents
14 Volume 4 Prop Routines: contents
17 Volume 5 Mentalism: contents
19 Volume 6 Halloween Magic: contents
21 Volume 7 Stage Illusions: contents
23 Volume 8 Grand Illusions: contents
24 Volume 9 Carnival Magic: contents
26 Volume 10 Gospel Routines: contents
31 Volume 11 Ventriloquist Routines: contents
36 Volume 12 Coin Magic: contents
43 Volume 13 Rope Magic: contents
49 Volume 14 Card Magic: contents
54 Volume 15 Silk Magic: contents
56 Volume 16 Paper Magic: contents
61 Volume 17 Escapes: contents

64 Abbott's Potpourri Effects
64 Aerial Fishing (U.F. Grant): live fish caught in the air
66 Black And White: white and black coins transfer magically from hand to hand
72 Cage Of Fiji (Joel Ross): one page graphic of appatatus to make doves appear in a cage
73 Dissolvo: curtain ring slides down a loop of string and becomes linked to the string
74 Es-Ta Burnt & Restored Handkerchief (Eddie Joseph)
77 Girls And Oranges: math puzzle where one girl ends up with 2 oranges and another 5

78 Hat Loading Methods (U.F. Grant & Stewart James)
78 - Classic Method
78 - Grant Method: variation
79 - J. Mark Hall Nite Club Method: while carrying a cape
80 - Magic Seed Load: using a false load container
80 - Simplex Method: servante
80 - Chinese Hat Load: from assistant
80 - Clever Hat Load: with metal fake
81 - E.Z. Method: using a tray
81 - Carpet and Hat Method: Carpet of Bagdad method
82 - Devil of a Hat: fake derby
83 - Oscar Teal's Method: table servante
83 - One Move Method: table well
83 - Surprise Method: hat doean't vanish and instead produces items
84 - Optical Illusion Method: live rabbit production
84 - Gannet Method: production from spring hat
85 - Practical Method: for conclusion to Die Box
85 - Kiang-Tsin Method: another chair load
85 - Tarbell Method: with borrowed hat
86 - Leslie Misdirection Hat Load: another rabbit production
87 - The Neat Method: using a clothes brush
87 - Never Say Die Method: another Die Box load
87 - The Right On Top Method: table load
87 - Full View of Audience Method: borrowed hat

88 Joseph Levitation (Eddie Joseph): two glasses rise with aid of a handkerchief
91 Penetrating Bands: one rubber band penetrates another
93 Performing Fleas (George Tollerton): acting as if you had invisible fleas
95 Repeat Six Card Trick (Eddie Joseph): performed with only six cards
97 Ringastra (Eddie Joseph): ring off string

99 Scotch Brand Of Magic (Joseph White): effects using Scotch brand double sided tape
101 - Tape Palming: for coins
102 - Barehand Coin Vanish
103 - Framed!: coins tossed one by one at picture frame end up in the frame; uses Coin Stand and sand frame
104 - Smooth As Silk Coin Vanish: in a scarf
104 - Escape And Capture: coin vanishes from silk to be found in a locked box
105 - Peek-A-Boo Coin Production: from silk
105 - The Shell Game: coins produced and vanished to one coin in previously empty hands
108 - Silk Routine Addition: combo of Peek-A-Boo and Shell Game
108 - Scotch Miser's Dream: five coins produced to a glass
109 - Coins Carte Blanche: dime vanishes as coins pourded from a card into spectator's hand
110 - Double Faced Coin: making a C/S coin
110 - Fishin' Chips: red chip in blue scarf turns blue
111 - Passe Passe Chips: red chip and blue chip transpose under silks
111 - Ball Of A Different Color: red ball turns blue under a silk
112 - Billiard Ball Passe: red and blue balls transpose
112 - A Sweet Taste Of Magic: sugar to a sugar cube
113 - Smooth As Silk: silk multiplies to two, changes color, and one vanishes
114 - Flashy Silk Production: blue paper burns in a flash and produces a silk
115 - Dropped By Mistake: torn and restored paper
116 - Billet Do: light-hearted mentalism with a billet reading
117 - Card Force Effect: card predicton almost goes wrong
117 - Color It Red: pencil changes color in the hands
118 - A Magnetic Effect: an improved wand cling to palm effect
118 - Match This One: color changing match book cover
119 - Twin Bill: making double faced currency or cards
119 - Doggone Card Trick: selected card from packet vanishes from an envelope
120 - Card Vanish Supreme: selected card vanishes from the deck
122 - A Face Lift: instant card change
123 - Holy Smoke: ideas for a routine using cigarettes-
124 - Tape Producing A Cigarette: right and wrong way
126 - Holy Cow: a milk routine for kid's shows, using a Milk Pitcher, etc.

128 Surprise Flower Production (Robert Olson): from a regular 15" handkerchief
129 The Blind Magician Does A Trick (Eddie Joseph): demonstration of a sightless card trick
134 The Railroad Enigma (Kenny Woodward Jr): puzzle of putting 10 men into 9 hotel rooms worked out with cards

136 Twelve Tricks With A Magic Mummy (Eddie Joseph)
136 - A Color Allergy: mummy hates red cards
137 - An Aversion to Work: uses two sets and a dictionary
137 - The Marital Status of Mr & Mrs Mummy: using two mummies and no caskets
137 - The Mummy on Cigarettes: with a pack of cigarettes
137 - The Mummy's Mother-In-Law: uses three caskets and one mummy
138 - The Influence of the Casket: using just a single set
138 - The Living And the Dead: spinning mummy finds the "dead" billet
138 - The Mummy Finds the Match: mummy finds the hidden match; uses three caskets
138 - Ring and Matchbox: using the mummy to find which box has a borrowed ring
138 - Unpredictable Mummy: spectator can't repeat the moves
139 - Mummy Finds the Queen: card trick
139 - Super Card Divination: uses six caskets and one mummy

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