John Born: Seeking the Bridge
Born, John: Seeking the Bridge
©2012 John Born
Hardcover, no dj, 5.5x7.5", 189 pages
Born: Seeking the Bridge
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Comments: "Further Principles and Techniques for the Sophisticated Magical Artist". John’s innovative and extensive work on memorized deck magic, deck switch idea and some fine gambling effects.

Contents (from web description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Perfect Pick
2 Seeking the Bridge
3 Sticking the Bridge
4 Hands-Off Deck Switch
5 Pocket Change
6 Bridging the Deck Switch
7 Time to Shine
8 Numerical Reverse Revisited
9 The Second Push
10 An Instinct for Cards Revisited
11 The Way for One-Way

12 Jazzing Baker
13 Mind Mix
14 The Delayed Crimp
15 Lucky Penny
16 Slugged
17 A Blackjack Bet
18 Mathematical 3-Card Monte Revisited
19 Finally Matched Revisited
20 Motivation: Glued Deck
21 Right on the Money
22 Casino Card Killer

23 My Ladies
24 Motivation: Cutting to the Aces
25 Twelfth-Method Match
26 Riding the LePaul
27 Watch Transpo
28 Queens Prediction
29 “My Cards”
30 Card in Spectator’s Pocket
31 Card under Spectator’s Shoe