Born, John: Natural Born Killa's
©2005 John B. Born
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 58 pages
Natural Born
Image courtesy H&R Magic Books

Comments (Alex Rossi): (from H& R Magic Books): "These are the notes that Mr. Born was selling during his lecture in Houston. The lecture was quite well received and features many clever items that the attendees were excited to play with during and after the lecture."


3 Born Bending Hummer - 3 quarters have 3 different shapes drawn on the back of them. The magic then asks the spectator to think of one of the shapes. The magi then tells the spectator what shape he is thinking of. Then the effect is repeated except the spectator holds all three coins and thinks of one with out even looking at them. Then the magi places his hand over the coins and concentrates. The spectator opens his hands and the coin that he was thinking of is BENT.
5 Baker Revisited - Two decks are introduced, and one is selected and put in the 1st spectator’s pocket. Then the 2nd spectator is asked to name any number, and the 3rd is asked to name any number between 1 and 52. Then the 1st spectator is asked to remove the deck in her pocket and countdown to the number named, and the card on the final number is the NAMED card.
8 I Love You - A cute effect to show your sweetheart!
10 Borrowed Quarter Matrix - 4 Quarters are borrowed and used to do a quick, visual shadow coins effect
12 Born to be Wild - 6 random, indifferent cards are taken out of the deck, the rest of the deck is placed away. Then one of the 6 cards turns blank with an “M” on the front. Then that card visually prints the other cards and in the end they spell “Magic of”. The deck is then spread and the spread reads “John Born”. “Magic of John Born”.
20 Box on the Brain - 2 selections are used in a magical flurry, where they go under, on, and in the box!
27 Sanduwitcha - Selection is lost in the deck. The jokers are then inserted about half way down in the pack. Spread once again to show ONLY 2 cards. Then the magician then quickly pulls them out and now in between them is the selection.
30 Flying Sandwich - A slightly gimmicked version of Jean Pierre Vallerino’s Jumping Sandwich.
32 KB Courtesy - A flashy in-the-hands ace production utilizing the Kelly Bottom Placement.
34 Balance Palm - A versatile coin holdout.
39 Layover - Away to show your hands clean with the coin in Balance Palm.
39 Born Display - Hand-Washing sequence using Layover.
41 Gravity Separation - A way to separate two coins in Balance Palm, so that you can produce them one at a time.
41 Blow Change - A visual coin change using Balance Palm.
42 One-Handed Triple Change - A gaffed one-handed change of a coin 3 times!
43 Glide Double - A deceptive double lift, akin to Spooky Altman Trap.
45 True Cut Z - False shuffle, where the deck is shuffled twice.
48 Flip Out - A flashy cut of cards, controls top stock or a selection.
50 Splat in Half - A two-handed aerial flourish.
52 Palmy Twist - A quick flourish using a one card production.
54 Pasteboard Popper - A somewhat self-working one-handed cut.
56 Fan Flip Freak - Single card revelation using Josh Sadowsky’s Fan Flip.
57 Gag Control - A gag overhand shuffle control.