Bornstein, Mike & Walt Lees (editor): More Money Magic of Mike Bornstein
©1984 Magico Magazine
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 35 pages
Lees: More Money Magic of Mike Bornstein
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comments: illustrated by Eric Mason. Mike's 2nd book in the Money Magic series. Also a part of the compilation "Encyclopedia of Money Magic".

Contents (updated Aug 2018):

3 Introduction by Walt Lees
5 The Hydrostatic Dollar Bill: salt is clearly poured into a tube made from a dollar bill, but only pours out on command
10 Improved Floating Dollar Bill: a variation for presenting before a larger audience. The bill floats "in front" of the hands
15 The Photostatic Dollar Bill: A blank card gets an impression of the dollar bill, then turns blank again
20 Stretching a Dollar Bill or How to Make Money Go a Long Way! A dollar bill is stretched under cover of cardboard cards. Bill can be examined.
24 Stand Up Bill: a bill is balanced at the fingers and can be examined
28 Simplex Money Maker: a blank piece of paper sandwiched between two playing cards takes on the appearance of a dollar bill, then is restored to normal
32 The Elusive President: the pictures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on bills change places