Bornstein, Mike: Encyclopedia of Paper Money Magic
Creative and Commercial, Five Books In One
1980-1994, Magico Magazine/Mike Bornstein
Softcover, tape-bound, 5.5x8.5, 244 pages
Encyclopedia of
              Paper Money Magic
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Comments: This is a collection of five of Mr. Bornstein's previous works on magic with Paper Money. Includes Money Magic, More Money Magic, Latest Money Magic, New Commercial Money Magic, and Eye Popper Money Magic. Includes a gimmick for the rising dollar bill. There are lots of great ideas in these volumes! Recommended.


1 Money Magic 1980 by Magico Magazine Illustrated by Mitch Dyszel
2 Foreword
3 The Floating Dollar Bill: a dollar floats up from your hand using a simple gimmick (not thread). Designed for close up and few spectators.
5 The Convincing Torn and Restored Dollar Bill: A bill is signed, folded, and clearly torn, yet is restored. Bill is not borrowed.
9 Instant Disappearing and Appearing Dollar Bill: a clever approach to an almost instant vanish and reappearance of an open dollar bill between the hands
11 Cut and Restored Bill: a bill is borrowed and wrapped around a playing card where it is clearly cut with scissors and then restored and returned to the spectator
14 Torn and Restored Bill: a portion of a dollar bill is ripped off and instantly restored. (not borrowed)
17 Cards to Dollar Bills: a packet of six playing cards transform into a fan of dollar bills
19 Clip Joint (also appeared in Apocalypse): a two-pronged paper fastener/clip is punched through a bill but can be moved about the bill without harming the dollar

1 More Money Magic of Mike Bornstein Book #2 1984 Written by Walt Lees, Illustrated by Eric Mason
3 Introduction by Walt Lees
5 The Hydrostatic Dollar Bill: salt is clearly poured into a tube made from a dollar bill, but only pours out on command
10 Improved Floating Dollar Bill: a variation for presenting before a larger audience. The bill floats "in front" of the hands
15 The Photostatic Dollar Bill: A blank card gets an impression of the dollar bill, then turns blank again
20 Stretching a Dollar Bill or How to Make Money Go a Long Way! A dollar bill is stretched under cover of cardboard cards. Bill can be examined.
24 Stand Up Bill: a bill is balanced at the fingers and can be examined
28 Simplex Money Maker: a blank piece of paper sandwiched between two playing cards takes on the appearance of a dollar bill, then is restored to normal
32 The Elusive President: the pictures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on bills change places

i Latest Money Magic of Mike Bornstein Book #3 1988 by Mike Bornstein, Edited by Gloria E. Kindred & Stan Bennett
ii Contents
iii Foreword
1 X-Static Dollar Bill: a dollar bill sticks to another by "static electricity"
8 Double Matchit: Magician bets a dollar he can matchit, folds a dollar, and a matchbook appears. He then opens the matchbook to reveal a small duplicate of the selected card, thus "matching" it twice!
12 Polaroid Card Trick: a bill passed over spread cards is turned over to reveal a mini-version of the selected card
16 Perfect Prediction: the spectator thinks the magician has made a wrong prediction, but when the bill is looked at again, the prediction matches the selected card (variation of Polaroid Card Trick)
19 Triple Mini Miracle: a dollar changes into a mini deck of cards that has the selection reversed in the deck (uses a mini Ultra-Mental Deck)
22 Instant Money: A bill switch using a blank piece of paper to dollar bill. Bill can be examined.
26 Single Card to Bill: a playing card shown both sides turns into a dollar bill
28 Impromptu Standing on Edge: no props needed
30 Elastic Penetro: a rubber band penetrates a folded dollar bill (not borrowed)
32 Enlarged Invisible Hole: a bill is folded inside an envelope that has a hole cut in the bottom. A coin is seen clearly to go into the fold of the dollar, yet comes out the hole in the bottom of the envelope. The bill is shown to have no hole in the center
34 Triangle Angle: a triangular matrix effect using a dollar as cover; also uses a shell and C/S coin
37 Improved Clip Joint: Fastener is now pushed through two clear plastic cards and then the dollar.

i Mike Bornstein's New Commercial Money Magic Book #4 1990 Mike Bornstein, Edited by Gloria E. Kindred
1 Mike Bornstein's Improved $1 and $5 Bill Trick: a $1 and $5 bill are placed in the spectator's hand. Magician removes the $1 and the bills transpose. The Magician unfolds the $1 to reveal a $5, and the spectator finds the $1 in his hand.
7 Instant Money Number Two: a $1 bill is folded and changes into a $10 bill that can be examined.
11 1 Plus 1 = 4 Bill Tick: Two dollar bills transform into four bills
17 "Frisbee" Dollar Bill Trick: a label placed on a bill transposes to the face of a selected card
24 Match and Rematch: a marked coin is vanished, a bill changes into a matchbox, the matches in the matchbox change into the marked coin and the vanished bill
30 Lucky Buck: Magician fails to predict location of selected card, but the card has vanished and appears inside a clear plastic case holding a dollar
37 Lucky Buck Number 2: another handling
40 Comedy Card in Wallet: a selected card is found hanging onto a $20 bill removed from magician's wallet. Requires palming.
46 Diminishing Dollar Bills: a fan of dollar bills diminishes in size as you relate a story about the devaluing dollar

1 Mike Bornstein's Eye Popper Money Magic Book #5 1994 Mike Bornstein, Edited by Gloria E. Kindred
3 New Improved Comedy Bill In Snake: Destroyed bill ends up restored in a spring-snake can
10 The Spirit of '76: a selected card is caught by thrusting a dollar into the thrown cards, but only a ripped corner is captured. The signed card is found to be missing a corner and it matches
16 Polaroid Money Outdone: A stack of $1's changes to a stack of $5's and then a stack of $10's and back to $1's
21 Simplex Bill Penetration: an impromptu pen through the bill effect
24 Deluxe Double Matchit: an update to Double Matchit that can be seen by a larger audience
29 How Sweet It Is: a seemingly impromptu dollar to packet of sugar
32 Comedy Floating Dollar Bill: a miniature bill changes to a regular sized bill and then floats
38 Mike Bornstein's Money Mania: a single coin appears from a folded dollar three times, followed by a cascade; with several alternate presentation ideas
48 Mike Bornstein's New "Asrah" Floating Bill: an update to the original floating bill that makes the gimmick more "portable"
54 Ultra Coin Penetration: A clever approach to the Cylinder and Coins effect that does not need the traditional "stack of quarters"
61 Deluxe Triple Matchit: a variation of Double Matchit but with two card selections
65 Ultra Bill Suspension: a floating bill in a mini-Zombie fashion