Mike Bornstein: Money Magic
Bornstein, Mike, Oscar Weigle & Alan Dell: Money Magic
©1980 by Magico Magazine
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 21 pages
Bornstein: Money Magic
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Comments: Illustrated by Mitch Dyszel. Also available as part of Mike's "Encyclopedia of Money Magic". Mike's first book in a series of money magic publications.

Contents (extracted from Encyclopedia)

2 Foreword
3 The Floating Dollar Bill: a dollar floats up from your hand using a simple gimmick (not thread). Designed for close up and few spectators.
5 The Convincing Torn and Restored Dollar Bill: A bill is signed, folded, and clearly torn, yet is restored. Bill is not borrowed.
9 Instant Disappearing and Appearing Dollar Bill: a clever approach to an almost instant vanish and reappearance of an open dollar bill between the hands
11 Cut and Restored Bill: a bill is borrowed and wrapped around a playing card where it is clearly cut with scissors and then restored and returned to the spectator
14 Torn and Restored Bill: a portion of a dollar bill is ripped off and instantly restored. (not borrowed)
17 Cards to Dollar Bills: a packet of six playing cards transform into a fan of dollar bills
19 Clip Joint (also appeared in Apocalypse): a two-pronged paper fastener/clip is punched through a bill but can be moved about the bill without harming the dollar