Borodin: Sheherazade
Borodin (Ulf Bolling) & Bill Palmer (translator): Sheherazade
Hardcover, w/dj, 312 pages
ISBN-13    9780972888103
Borodin (Ulf Bolling): Sheherazade
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Comments: A synthesis of magic and storytelling. Sheherazade is the Arabic name of the Queen of all storytellers. Presented in three sections - Magic Tales, Midnight Stories, and Mental Mysteries.

Contents (partial contents from 1st page of ToC):

1 Foreword
3 Translator's Introduction

5 Once Upon a Time, There Was
9 The Ring of Sheherazadc
21 Saladin the Thief
29 Adesso the Dwarf
43 Tahor's Silver Flute
49 Nancy and the Emerald Necklace
59 Amhutep and the Stars of Egypt
65 Oh! My Papa
69 Salgala
73 Neville and the Silent Beauty

79 Midnight Stories
81 Bizarre
83 The Philosophers' Stone — First Version
87 The Philosophers' Stone — Second Version
93 Heritage of Horror
103 Russian Roulette
115 The Song of the Trees
119 The Devil's Doorways
125 A Killcr(s) Story
137 Aunt Elise
143 John Keysie's Hand
149 The Judgment
155 The Medallion
161 Jimmy Hang Her
167 Irene
173 Witchcraft

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