Boston, George L. & Robert Parrish: Inside Magic
©1947 Beechhurst Press, NY
Hardcover, w/dj, 5.5x9", 224 pages
Inside Magic
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George Boston & Robert Parrish: Inside Magic

Comments: B&W photo illustrated

Contents (from book ToC):

9 Introduction
11 I How I Became a Magician
17 II The Illusion Show
27 III Thurston’s Mysteries of India
54 IV The Thurston Brothers
61 V The Last of the Thurston Show
77 VI The Natural History of the Levitation
85 VII Mysteries of India Revived
91 VIII The Private Lives of the Floating Ladies
100 IX Harry Houdini and the Escape Legend
121 X Carter and Nicola, Magic on a Cook’s Tour
128 Photos
145 XI More Illusionists I Have Known
158 XII The Night Club Era
167 XIII With Blackstone on the U.S.O.
185 XIV What the Tricks Are About
196 XV How the Tricks Are Done
206 XVI Magic All Over
217 Bibliography
219 Index