Boys' Magazine: Secrets of Famous Magicians
Boys' Magazine: New Wonder Books No. 3 Secrets of Famous Magicians
©1932 Allied Newspapers
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 4x5.7", 26 pages
Boys' Magazine Secrets of Famous Magicians
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Comments: In insert to the .. edition of Boys' Magazine. Compiled by Mr. J.C. Cannel. "Contains secrets of famous illusionists, some of which have never before been revealed. Some of the tricks you can try yourselves, chums." Another magical insert appeared in the Dec 1931 issue "The Book of Magic & Christmas Conjuring".

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Introduction
3 Beginnings of Magic
4 Lafayette
5 Modern Magicians
6 Magic for Boys
8 Two Great Illusionists: Chung Ling Soo, Will Goldston
10 Louis Gautier - More Amazing Illusions
14 Four Great Wizards at Work
16 Houdini's Through a Brick Wall
23 The American Mailbag
24 The Tramp's Chair