Bradbrook, Julian: Bar Tricks and Magic 1
2004 1st Edition
e-Book; 10 pages

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Bradbrook: Bar
              Tricks and Magic 1
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Comments ( "This is a neat little collection of bar tricks, stunts and simple magic effects. Some of it will be familiar to you, some have a new twist or plot and others might be completely new to you. Julian added photos to make it very easy to present these on your next visit to your favorite bar or restaurant. It is a good idea to have a few of these stunts ready when you are not prepared to do a full magic show, but still want to be the center of attention."


1 Red or Black: Spectator correctly predicts whether cards are red or black
2 Find the card: selection is revealed in a surprising way
3 Double Prediction: Magician makes prediction about the cards immediately above and below a selection inserted into the deck
4 Ultimate Prediction: Five poker hands are dealt and five of the cards are chosen by spectators. The magician predicts all 5 selections.
5 Mind Reading: magician predicts the symbol in the spectator's mind
6 Find the Lady: twist on the classic as the volunteer mixes and deals the cards
7 Diamond: Simple matchstick trick
8 Cocktails: Another simple matchstick trick
9 Heads I win, tails you lose: Using 3 coins you can win this bet in seconds
10 Paper into cash: blank papers are folded in half and when opened turned into money, which everyone can check