L.H. Branson (as Elbiquet): Supplementary Magic
Branson, L.H. (as Elbiquet): Supplementary Magic
©1917 George Routledge & Sons
Hardcover, no dj, 200 pages
Elbiquet: Supplementary Magic
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Contents (courtesy Lybrary.com, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Preface
2 Introduction

3 Part I: The True Secrets Of Conjuring

4 Part II: Tricks And Illusions

5 Section I: Card Tricks
6 Palming Cards - Improved Method
7 Naming A Card That Has Been Removed From A Pack
8 Improved Method Of Finding A Card In A Selected Position In The Pack
9 An Invisible Flight Of A Card
10 Rising Card Without Apparatus
11 Card Photography
12 The Four Ace Trick - A New Method
13 Two Cards Placed In Envelopes Made To Change Places
14 The "Foreman And Miners" Trick
15 Magical Disappearance Of Three Cards
16 A New Card Frame

17 Section II: Miscellaneous Tricks And Illusions
18 The Drawer Box
19 The Travelling Wooden Cone
20 Tumbler Of Bran And Disappearing Balls
21 New Hat And Die Trick
22 Novel Slate Trick
23 The Thumb Palm
24 Application Of The Thumb Palm To The "Pass"
25 A New Method Of Producing Coins From The Air
26 Hat And Tumbler Of Water Illusion

27 Part III: Indian Conjuring

28 Section I: A Short Study Of The Native Conjurer And His Methods

29 Section II: A Selection Of The Favourite Tricks Of Native Jugglers
30 With Bamboo And String
31 Indian Link Trick
32 The Sand Trick
33 With Marbles And Leaden Balls
34 The Indian "Cups And Balls" Trick
35 Broken Cotton Restored - Improved Method
36 The Mango Tree Trick

37 Part IV: A Few Tricks For All Occasions

38 Disappearing A Small Coin From A Handkerchief
39 The Magic Numbers
40 Broken Match Restored
41 An Easy Thought Reading Trick
42 Disappearance Of Coin From Under Glass
43 Flying Halfpence
44 Rapid Addition - Very!
45 Lighted Match Put Out By Blowing Through Coat Sleeve
46 The Bouncing Handkerchief
47 A Good Card Catch