Braue, Fred & Jeff Busby (editor): Fred Braue on False Deals
©1978 Jeff Busby, Oakland
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 45 pages
              Braue: False Deals
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Comments (Jondb500): There's lots of great material in this little known manuscript. Letters to Gus Southall (English card expert), T. Nelson Downs' One handed Second Deal, Dr. Elliott's Second deal, Punch deal, Middle deal demo, references to Charlie Miller, and more. The first edition was limited to 300 copies.

Contents (From book ToC):

iii Preface

1 Section One the Fred Braue False Deals
1 The Braue System of Second and Bottom Dealing
6 The Fred Braue Double Deal
8 One Handed Second Deal
9 Braue Bottom Deal

10 Section Two - Letters to Gus Southall on the Second Deal
10 Letter of February 27th, 1960
14 Letter of February 28th, 1960

16 Section Three - Call to the Colors
16 The Braue Handlings
18 A Routine
20 The Gus Southall Routine

22 Section Four - Effects with False Deals
22 Impromptu Poker Deal
23 Self-Arranging Pack
24 Dealing the Aces
25 Middle Deal Demonstration
27 The Punch Deal
28 Four Ace Fooler
30 Simpatico
31 Rapid Transit
32 Flash Cards
33 Dealing the Cards
34 Count-Down Reverse
36 Three Wheeling
37 The Topdowner
38 Instant Memory

40 Section Five - Miscellaneous Notes on False Deals
40 Down's One Handed Second Deal
40 FB Slow-Motion Second Deal
41 Dr. Elliott's Second Deal
41 Bottom Deal
41 Second Dealing
42 Tip on Second Dealing

43 Section Six - Notes on the Text
43 Notes