Bree, Loris: Kid's Magic Secrets
Simple Magic Tricks & Why They Work
©2003 Loris and Marlin Bree; Published by Marlor Press, Inc.
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 112 Pages
ISBN 1-892147-08-4
Loris Bree:
              Kid's Magic Secrets
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Comments: Commercial children's book on magic. With each trick is a section "how the trick works" that explains in elementary terms the general science behind each effect.


7 Introduction: rules of magic

9 Kitchen Wizard
9 Banana Surprise: banana is peeled and is already split into sections
13 Coins In Bottle: how to get the coins in the bottle puzzle
16 Ghostly Glasses: the spectator's name appears on a frozen glass

20 Office Magic
20 Paper Clip Flip: paper clips link on a folded dollar bill
24 Paper Clip & Rubber Band: another version with a rubber band added
27 Hopping Rubber Band: from fingers to fingers
30 Twin Hopping Rubber Bands: deluxe version
33 Ring the Pencil: two shoelaces seem to penetrate finger rings, which remain on a pencil
38 Magic Pen: a pencil seems to defy gravity behind your hands

40 Pick a Card, Any Card
40 Magic Card Terms
41 What Card: magician finds the selection (simple key card)
45 Which Card: selection is found through a series of deals and column choices (mathematical)
49 Ferry Across: a mathematical puzzle (not really a card trick)

52 Paper Paper Who's Got Paper?
52 Alien and Robots: a variation on the "sheep and the wolves" story with seven paper balls
56 Mobius Bands: paper loops cut act in strange ways
60 Amazing Expanding Card: walking through a post-card
63 Racing Car: spectator can't capture the dropped drawing of the race car
66 Captured Strength: spectator can't lift the performer
69 Gaining Weight: spectators can lift you the first time, but not the second
72 Brooms Fly (Don't They?)

76 All Wet
76 Invisible Guard: glass turned upside down doesn't leak water
79 Glasses of Water: puzzle
81 Puzzling Glasses: another puzzle
84 Leaking Bottle: bottle doesn't leak

87 Scarf It Up
87 Magic Knot: magically tie a knot
90 Vanishing Knot: from a handkerchief
94 Mysterious Dancing Hanky: dances on command

99 Amazingly Mysterious
99 Mysterious Vase of India: rope stays in bottle
103 Magic Cabinet: a full size illusion!

109 Index