Martin Breese (Ed): The Bendix Bombshell
Breese, Martin (Editor): The Bendix Bombshell
©1985 R.A.R. Magic Publication, U.K.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.75x8.5", 50 pages
Martin Breese (Editor): The Bendix Bombshell
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Comments: Exclusive Routines for the Bombshell Wallet. Originally came with the (Dave) Bendix Bombshell Wallet as sold by R.A.R. Magic. Also available as an eBook from

Contents (from book ToC):

5 Introduction
7 The Bendix Bombshell
11 Card to Wallet (Dave Bendix)
14 A Roy Roth Alternative
15 Marlo Variation of Bendix Presentation
16 Two Selections and Wallet (David Solomon)
18 The Wallet Game (David Solomon)
20 The Roy A. Roth Bombshell Routine
21 The Aenigma Bombshell Routine (Bob Driebeek)
25 Marlo's Alternative Ending
27 Bendix Bombshell for Cabaret (Larr Becker)
29 A Better Bendix (Karrell Fox)
31 Currency Exchange (Phil Goldstein)
35 Blushing Jumper (Roberto Giobbi)
39 Seeing With the Heart (Borodin)
46 C.B.S. Transpo (Peter Isaacs)