Breese, Martin: The Best Of Pentagram Card Magic
©1990 Martin Breese International, London, England
Hardcover, w/dj, 228 pages
Best of Pentagram
              Card Magic
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Comments: The best card magic from the pages of The Pentagram magazine (1946-1960)

Contents: (updated Sep 2018 - only had first page of Contents!)

1 Super Speller (George Blake)
6 The Nonsuch Card Prediction (Francis Haxton)
8 A Legacy From Jordan (Francis Haxton)
10 An Ace Change (Roy Walton)
12 Double Stop (Franklin V. Taylor)
14 On Double Stop (R.J. Fisher)
15 Double Stoppered (Ron Baillie)
18 On Double Stop (Jack Potter)
19 Full Stop Double Stop (Hugh A. Carroll)
20 A Trick With a Purpose (Wilfred Johnson)
22 Turnover Change (Harry Hickson)
24 The Twenty-Seventh Card (C. Dudley Whitnall)
27 Improved Sure-Fire Force (C. Dudley Whitnall)
30 The Ladies Looking Glass Sans Pass (Tudor Brock)
34 By Three (George Johnson)
36 Discovery X (Bill O'Connor)
38 Precogspeller (Peter Warlock)
43 Sandwich Spread (Peter Warlock)
45 The A.C.I.D. Test (Leslie may)
48 Buried Treasure (Alex Elmsley)
49 Two Relative Key Locations (Alex Elmsley)
51 Kortially Yours (Milton Kort)
53 Kortially Yours 2 (Milton Kort)
56 Angle on Marle (Peter Warlock)
58 Angle on Angle on Marlo (Stewart James)
60 Variation on Card Incidence (Peter Moffat)
62 Result of Thought (Roy Scott)
64 Aeroplane Card Trick (Dai Vernon)
66 The Centre Double Lift (Jack Avis)
68 Rara Avis (Jack Avis)
72 Change Fold (Herbert Milton)
75 The Sands of Time (Bobby Bernard)
77 Royal Quadrille (Harry Burnside and Charles Cameron)
80 Poker (Roy Walton)
82 Chango (Roy Walton)
84 Annemann Interlude (Gustave Southall)
87 One Over the Eight (James Esler)
88 Simplicity Speller (Bobby Bernard)
90 Divination of Two Mentally Selected Cards (Edward G. Brown)
93 Brown Study (T.S. Ransom)
96 Open Intruder (Alex Elmsley)
99 Still Taking Three (Alex Elmsley)
106 Brownwaves (Alex Elmsley)
111 Brownaves No Looking (Alex Elmsley)
114 Thought On a Mentally Selected Card (Jack Yates)
115 Clannish (Roy Scott)
119 About Turn (Hugh Scott)
121 About Turn (Various Authors)
124 A Scarf Called Mobius (Roy Walton)
130 The Reverse Stack (Roy Scott)
135 Peculiar Patience (John Howie)
139 Queens and Water (Roy Walton)

141 The Card Work of Graham Adams
141 Introduction by Peter Warlock
142 The Triangle
146 Ne Plus Ultra
150 The Whispering Trick
152 Any Card Called For
157 The Boomerang Card
160 My Favourite Trick
163 You Do as I Do
166 A New Spelling Bee with a Surprise Finish
169 The Card on the Arm
171 The Card in Cigarette - First Method
174 The Card in Cigarette - Second Method
176 A Card Discovery
177 The Cut Card Revealed
179 Erdnase on Mentalism
181 A Card Combination
182 The Stanley Collins Change
184 Houdini’s Torn Card Trick
185 The Combination
186 Accompanied by The Joker
190 The Sleepy Card
191 Simplicity
192 A Catch
194 Assembling the Pack
198 A Nap Routine
201 A Game of Nap
204 How to Play Nap
206 Bottom Dealing
213 Second Dealing
215 Dealing Bottoms with One Hand
216 Dealing Seconds with One Hand
217 Jumping Jacks
218 A Dealing Routine
221 A Useful Card Palm
223 A Variation on the Diagonal Palm Shift