Caj Brejtfus: CAJ The Clowns and Jesters Deck of Magic Gaff Cards
Brejtfus, Caj: CAJ - The Clowns & Jesters Deck of Magic Gaff Cards
©2009 (circa) CAJ Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5" 15 pages
              Clowns & Jesters Deck of Magic Gaff Cards
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Comments: Booklet that came with the CAJ deck of gaffed cards, printed on U.S. Playing Card Co. Bicycle stock. From the introduction, "These are small "Joke" tricks I do in my act...I have concentrated on joke tricks and tricks with punch lines...My goal in this deck is to have cards, which are "Jokes" on their own, and then develop a full routine around them."

Contents (from book):

1 Introduction
2 Impossible: using a 2 1/2 card
3 Infinite Zeros: variation of Mark Wilson's Fantastic Five, using 4 Zero cards and a message card
4 - Zero Trick #2 - Atlantic City Black-Jack
4 - Zero Trick #3 - Mind Reading
4 3 Card Monte: using gimmicked cards
7 Card Flip: cards change value as flipped over
7 - Trick #2 - Card Changes Unlimited
9 Beverly Hills Queen: using a Queen of Clubs printed with Diamonds, uses a double lift
9 Sex Change: uses a reverse printed 10 of Diamonds, and a Queen with a Mustache; requires a card switch and a double lift
11 Cute Kings: using gimmicked Kings
12 - Kings Trick #2 - Another Prediction
13 - Kings Trick #3 - Another Prediction
14 51 on One: about this special card