Brent, Lu: Lu Brent's Best Magic Tricks
©1969 Micky Hades Publications, Canada
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 42 pages
Lu Brent's Best
              Magic Tricks
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Comments: The first of a series of three "Best Magic Tricks" books.


4 Meet Lu Brent
6 Pack-A-Drink
7 The Coin Catching Cane
9 The Magic Postcards
9 A Sucker Rabbit Trick
10 Cig-Get-O
11 Watch and Glove Idea
12 Cameo-Kirby Poker Deal
13 The Wisenheimer Phantom Cards
14 The Phantom Pipe
17 Breaking Halves into Quarters
17 The Drumhead Tumbler
18 Silk-Get-O
19 Beware of Honey
19 Egg Bag Fun
20 Pin Cushion Thumb
20 Compressed Sugar
21 A Sympathy in Blue and Red
21 Cut, Knotted and Restored
22 Another Card and Cigarette Trick
23 The New in the Old
24 Climax Jumbo Cards
25 Tip-Hint
26 Cig-Ash Trays
29 The Magical Pirate
30 The Newspaper Hat Trick
32 The Magical Specialist
34 Impromptu Stunts
36 The Great Klepto
37 Garnering the Greenbacks
38 The Dollar Bill and Cigar
40 Coin and Currency Pail
40 A Novel Coin Bag
42 Stolen Cigarettes